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Sanitation Additive

A no mess, fast acting and highly-effective additive for the waste holding tank. These pre-measured tabs come in a handy tub that saves on storage space and money.

Art nr: 9107200093

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Fresh and hygienic
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Fresh and hygienic

Go traditional or try our new and just as effective eco-fair Dometic GreenCare Tabs

For your mobile toilet

For your mobile toilet

We want you to travel in complete comfort and convenience. This is the idea behind our Hygiene & Sanitation range. It provides you with well engineered sanitation solutions and practical, easy-to-use hygiene accessories for undiminished holiday enjoyment. The Dometic Care product range is synonymous with cleanliness in every micro pore and the result of innovative research. Perfectly compatible products for the removal of stains and toilet odours as effective as necessary, as gentle on the environment as possible and completely user friendly in the process.

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