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Seat Heaters

The ground is frozen. You’re in a hurry. You try to start the engine, but it won’t respond. We have good news: thanks to our preheating systems, you need never find yourself in that predicament again.

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Heating comfort upgrade

From memorable road trips to frustrating emergency workshop visits - you and your car have been through a lot together. You know each and every one of its little quirks and how to handle them. It is like they always say: Never change a winning team. Whether you just love your car or a new luxury vehicle simply doesn’t fit into your current budget plan, we don’t want you to miss out on the comfort of pleasantly heated car seats. Dometic seat heater pads for retrofitting are a quick, easy, and cost-efficient solution for everyone who wants to experience the feeling of owning a class A luxury car without investing a small fortune.

Start your day right

Enjoy the high-quality seat mats from Dometic as they provide all the warmth you need first thing in the morning. On cold days, the luxury of heated seats really makes a huge difference in the way you go about your day. Our heating pads come with illuminated switches and LED light buttons which you will benefit greatly from if you have to leave extra early when it is still pitch black outside.

Quick and easy installation

To install the Dometic MagicComfort heating pads, first take the seats out of your vehicle. Remove all plastic panelling from the seats and seperate the backrest. You can trim the heating element to the required length and customize the cut-out sections as required. After insulating all the trimmed ends with the insulating material simply insert the pad into the space between the seat’s covering and the foam core. Fasten the heating element using double-sided adhesive tape to prevent creases. Reassemble the seats and you’re done.

Heated seat style options

The Dometic MagicComfort series comes in different styles. There is an illuminated switch on the 601 and 60 models, and both also feature an integrated temperature guard. The 300 series features advanced settings for the heater, so you can get three different heat stages ranging from 10 to 70 watts. This model gives you a cut-to-size carbon heating element, which keeps the fitting tidy. It also has ergonomic push buttons lit with an LED display. All of these heated seat models are easy to operate.

Ready to use immediately

You want to start using your quality Dometic heating pads right away? Good news! After installing the pads between the foam core and the seat cover, they will be ready for use instantly. With some models, you will be able to select between the fast heat-up option and the permanent heat setting. Others come with three heat-stages incorporated but you can enjoy the quick heating on these as well. This is an extremely useful feature for anyone who lives in areas where the temperatures drop to freezing levels during the winter.

The perfect seat heater

You are not sure about how to select the right product for your needs and budget? Start by deciding if you want to upgrade your driver’s seat only, or the passenger seat as well. Depending on the answer, choose between the two or the four element set. The advanced ergonomic buttons and LED display are extra features on select models, and the same is true for the three-stage heating option. There is a temperature guard built into all our heating pads in order to ensure that the device is snug and secure whatever option you go for.