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Dometic Büttner PP 00105

Lithium battery system "PowerSet III," 105 Ah

Want to switch your motorhome or campervan to lithium batteries? Or equip a basic vehicle with it from the start? Then you can easily and safely reach your destination with a Dometic Büttner PowerSet. The package solution consisting of LiFePO4 battery, battery computer and charging/booster combination guarantees a secure power supply in all climates and in all seasons.

Art nr: 9620000294

Complete package of lithium battery (105 Ah), battery computer and charger/booster combination unit

High reliability due to perfectly coordinated components

Can be used as a stand-alone system or parallel to an existing onboard electronics

Powerful lithium battery (105 Ah) – sufficient for inverters and users up to 2000 W

Battery computer displays current battery capacity, power consumption and remaining runtime

Charging/booster combination for charging the battery to 230 V or while driving

Full capacity and safe operation in all seasons and in all climates

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