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Dometic FreshJet FJX ADBD

Air distribution box, electronic controls, LED light

This elegant, super-flat air distribution unit blends in nicely with the interior of modern RVs. It quietly and efficiently moves the air in two direction, front and back. Simply use the flush-mounted touch control display to set the desired temperature and blower speed – and enjoy unforgettable moments in your home away from home. The integrated LEDs radiate a warm and soft ambient light.

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Product Highlights

Optimized airflow
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Optimized airflow

Low-profile air distribution box with powerful front and back airflow

Adjustable outlet vents
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Adjustable outlet vents

Simply adjust the direction of the airflow with your fingertips

Intuitive touch control
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Intuitive touch control

Simply set the temperature and blower level you want

CleanAir technology
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CleanAir technology

Effectively reduces bacteria and odors to keep your RV smelling fresh and clean

Integrated lighting
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Integrated lighting

Warm white LEDs create a beautiful, soft ambient light

Reusable dust filter
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Reusable dust filter

Easy to remove for cleaning

Dometic Climate App
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Dometic Climate App

Conveniently control your roof air conditioner from your smart phone

Optimized airflow for increased efficiency and reduced noise

Integrated touch control display – unique in the market

Integrated lighting – cool white LEDs for soft ambient light

Vertically adjustable outlet vents for individual airflow regulation

CleanAir air purifier system – keeps your RV smelling fresh and clean

Low-profile design (just 68 mm high) leaves more headroom in the cabin

Reusable dust filter – easy to remove for cleaning

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ADB, Manuals, Remote control, installation material

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Air distribution box, electronic controls, LED light

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Dometic FreshJet FJX4233M, FJX4233M, FJX4233EEH, FJX4333E(EH), FJX7333IHP, FJX7337IHP, FJX7457IHP - Installation Manual EMEA24+ar

Installation Manual


Dometic FreshJet FJX4233M, FJX4233M, FJX4233EEH, FJX4333E(EH), FJX7333IHP, FJX7337IHP, FJX7457IHP - Operating Manual EMEA24+ar

Operating Manual



Please note that use, installation or maintenance of the product(s) which is not carried out in the required manner in accordance with Dometic’s instructions or user manuals may cause personal injury and product damages. Gas or electrical installations, maintenance, repairs and tests may only be performed by a specialist in accordance with the applicable regulations, guidelines and standards.

Dometic CleanAir air purifier

Dometic CleanAir air purifier

Our new air purification system uses advanced bipolar ionizer technology to keep your RV smelling fresh and clean while greatly reducing allergens, viruses, bacteria and pollutants. Ionizers purify air through several methods. First, they create positive and negative ions to help reduce pathogens, odors, and mold. Bacteria and virus cells are robbed of their life-sustaining hydrogen, reducing their number. Secondly, odors are reduced when they oxidize on contact with the charged ions. Last but not least, the positive and negative ions attach to the particles in the air. Their attractive forces make the particles big­ger. This in turn allows the standard dust filter of your air conditioning system to remove more particles from the air.

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