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Dometic PerfectWall Adapter 007

Wall awning adapter for Bürstner Square, Hobby

This Dometic adapter ensures your awning fits to your RV wall perfectly, everytime.

259 €

Tailor-made for Bürstner Square, Hobby

Suitable for Dometic PerfectWall PW 1000, PW 1500, and PW 1750 awnings

Ensures a perfect mount every time

4.0 m wide

Dometic PW1000, PW1100, PW1500, PW3800 Burstner Hobby - Installation Manual INT(zxx)

Installation Manual


Dometic PW1500 Adapter (for Standard, Dethleffs Globebus, Knaus C-Liner) - Installation Manual EMEA(zxx)

Installation Manual


Dometic PW1000, PW1100, PW1500, PW3800 Adapter for Burstner Hobby, Adria Coral, Frankia, Laika Ecovip - INM INT(zxx)

Installation Manual

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