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Dometic PerfectWall PW 3500

Quick and easy to use thanks to an integrated high-performance motor with remote control function.

With no support legs to restrict comfort and views – just park and relax

Escape the sun's glare throughout the day by simply altering the angle accordingly

Smart wind sensor retracts awning automatically in high winds.

Made from a tough vinyl material with a transparent acrylic coating

Self-supported: the entire space in front of the vehicle can be used

Dometic WeatherKit included as standard

Dometic PW3500 - Installation Manual EMEA16

Installation Manual


DoC Signed PW1000 PW1500 PW1750 PW3500

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic PW3500 - Operating Manual EMEA(en-de-fr-es-pt-it-nl-el)

Operating Manual


Dometic PW3500 - Operating Manual EMEA16


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