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Dometic Midi Heki

Roof window with lever, with forced ventilation, 700 x 500 mm

This tilting roof window freshens any motorhome or caravan with fresh air and light. This model combines top quality, durable materials and ease of operation with a full set of features.

Art nr: 9104116341
Fresher living conditions

A large roof opening of 700 x 500 mm has a dramatic impact on the living conditions inside your vehicle. As air and light flood inside, the whole environment feels fresher. Dometic's Midi Heki roof light is designed with an inner frame with separately adjustable darkening blind and fly screen to keep sunlight and insects out. The dome features double acrylic glazing for excellent insulation, ensuring valuable heat retention in cooler climates and lower energy costs. Its frame, made of durable, weather-resistant ASA plastic, makes the Midi Heki suitable for use in harsh weather conditions, while further promoting insulation. The dome can also be conveniently opened to three different positions, giving users control over the air flow. Available for operation by crank or handle, each with or without forced ventilation.

The reason you started

It doesn't take much for motorhome and caravan enthusiasts to feel happy once they are on the move. They seek to live at one with nature, to enjoy light and fresh air even inside their rolling home. Dometic’s diverse rooflight solutions are just the thing. Look at the facts: 70 % of all European motorhome manufacturers install them. If you need protection from too much sunlight, insects or simply want some privacy: then Dometic has a comprehensive range of proven solutions waiting for you.

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