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Dometic SD 20

Smoke detector Block Battery, 9 V

In the event of a fire in your vehicle every second counts – especially at night. This photoelectric smoke detector from Dometic warns you reliably with a loud acoustic signal (85 dB). It is suitable for a temperature range of 4 to 38 °C and in humidity of between 25 and 85 %. Includes 9 V battery.

21 €
Art nr: 9106503342

Easy installation on the ceiling with included mounting accessories

Includes 9 V battery

LED signal indicates readiness for operation (once per minute)

Suitable for temperature range of 4 to 38 °C and a humidity of 25 to 85 %

CE certification

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SD 20

Model on label


Product Description

Smoke detector Block Battery, 9 V



Dometic FA 25 - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA5

Installation and Operating Manual


Dometic Smoke Detector - Declaration of Conformity

Declarations of Conformity

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