Portable cooler

This portable thermoelectric cooler and heater with digital display can be securely fastened to a car seat. Convenient to use and highly efficient.
item no: 9103500528
High-performance luxury
High-performance luxury

Soft-touch control panel: perfect down to the last detail

...and more
    • Refrigerates down to 30 °C below ambient temperature, heats up to +65 °C
    • Efficient with intelligent power-save design feature
    • Lightweight and easily fastened into car seat
Dometic marine camping mobilecooling

Enjoy food and drink without limitations!

Our high-tech TropiCool powered cooler and warmers allow optimal storage of various foods and drinks: from cool salads to hot pies, soft drinks to warm soup. Its versatile thermoelectric technology is powered by 12 V DC which, combined with a lightweight design, make it ideal for use away from home. Set the temperature with ease, using the 7-stage temperature control. With the power to cool or warm food – what will you take on your next picnic?

Enjoy food and drink without limitations!

Freedom is your home!

The fantastically versatile Dometic TC series thermoelectric cooler offers superb cooling and warming performance. It's the ideal size for couples on a day out, giving users the flexibility to take hot or cold refreshments with them, to be consumed at the ideal serving temperature later that day. Cooling 27 °C (80 °F) below the ambient temperature, you can enjoy chilled drinks on a hot summer's day. Alternatively, heat up to 65 °C (149 °F) and take a warming pie or soup instead. The 7-stage temperature regulation allows you to manage the temperature with ease and the TC series memory will even remember your preferences for future use. A sturdy carry handle and lightweight design ensure convenient portability as you find your perfect picnic spot.

Freedom is your home!

Tropicool with built-in safety

The Dometic TropiCool TC 21FL ISO is a highly efficient, energy-saving thermoelectric cooler. It is safe and easy to transport, fastening securely into the front passenger or rear seats. It boasts many benefits of the popular Dometic TropiCool series offering mobility, performance and convenience. The Dometic TropiCool TC 21FL ISO refrigerates down to 30 °C below ambient temperature, and heats up to +65 °C. Packed full of technology, this cooler has an intelligent power-save design feature to increase efficiency, and a digital display for ease of use. A small, lightweight cooler and heater you can take anywhere!


SKU number 9103500528 
Model TC21 
Scope of delivery 1 Cooling device, 1 Connection cable for cigarette lighter, 1 Connection cable for 220-240V, 1 User manual 
Product Description Portable cooler 
Refrigeration technology Thermoelectric 
Dimensions product depth 450 mm
Dimensions product height 420 mm
Dimensions product width 303 mm
Net weight 6 kg
Input voltage (AC) 230 V
Rated input power (AC) 64 W
Noise (EN60704-1 & 60704-2-14) 41.00 dB(A)
Climate class (EN 62552)
Color Grey 
EAN-13 4015704164565 
Dimensions parcel depth 460 mm
Dimensions parcel height 435 mm
Dimensions parcel width 315 mm
Parcel weight 6.70 kg

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