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A guide for first time campers

A guide for first time campers

Spring has sprung, bringing in some warmer weather and leaving lots of us itching to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Camping
holidays are great for friends and families to explore new places, connect with nature, and enjoy the simplicities of life. While going camping for the first time might seem daunting, it’s not hard to have a happy, relaxed, and comfortable trip with a little bit of preparation and the right gear. Check out our helpful tips for making sure that your first camping experience is a success.

Shelter and sleeping

Having a warm and comfortable space to relax and sleep is an essential part of your campsite. You will want to get a good nights rest after big days spent outdoors and wake up refreshed with lots of energy.

  • Invest in a good tent – you will want to find a proper tent to protect you from the elements while also having good ventilation to allow airflow in warm weather. Choose a size that will comfortably fit those who will be joining you on your trip. It’s a good idea to practice setting up your tent for the first time at home. This way you’ll know what to do on the day and be able to start enjoying your holiday sooner! Dometic’s inflatable tent range is a great option for first time campers, with the innovative AirFrame technology allowing a very quick and easy set up.
  • Make a comfy bed – bring along something that you find comfortable to sleep on, whether it be a camping bed or mattress. Keep your bedding away from the tent walls – this will help keep your bed dry if your tent springs a leak in the rain.
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Eating and drinking

At home, it’s common for us to take food and drinks for granted. But when outdoors, there’s nothing better than starting the day with a hot cup of coffee in the crisp morning air or returning to camp after a long day to a warm wholesome meal enjoyed together around the campfire.

  • Make a food checklist – before you leave, decide what meals you would like to have while you’re away and make a checklist of the groceries and utensils that you will need. Remember that you won’t have an unlimited amount of storage space, so try not to overpack.
  • Keep your food cool – a reliable, portable fridge / freezer is a must-have, so that you can store your perishable foods safely while camping.
  • Take the right equipment – consider what cooking equipment you will need. You don’t have to leave your gourmet meals at home, you can make some delicious food while off the grid with different outdoor cooking options such as portable barbecues, stove tops, and ovens!
  • Be prepared to sit back and relax – bring some camping furniture such as tables and chairs so that you can sit comfortably with your family and friends and enjoy meals together. Pick furniture that is sturdy, adjustable, and easy to set up.

Stay charged

While many people enjoy camping for its simplicity, it’s great to be able to use our electrical appliances like phones, laptops, cameras, potable fridge/freezers, and more while away. You can take your favourite gadgets with you wherever you choose to camp - even if you’re in a remote location, an hour’s drive from the nearest power source. This is especially handy with so many campsites booking up early – you have the flexibility to choose a less crowded location. There are plenty of portable power options on the market that will allow you to explore every corner of the world. Our top picks for first-time campers are:

  • Portable batteries – these are a great option for charging your sensitive electronic devices such as your phone and laptop as well as 12 V appliances while camping. They take up minimal space in the car and are easy to transport around a campsite.
  • Portable solar panels – a sustainable way to bring power to your campsite. You can set them up anywhere in direct sunlight and receive power.
  • Portable generators – best if you’re thinking about going on a longer camping trip away from a main power source.

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