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Behind the Design:

CCF-T with Chris Rine

Behind the Design: CCF-T with Chris Rine

The product engineers and managers at Dometic are constantly innovating to develop new products that help make mobile living easy. In June 2022, Dometic launched the latest version of its center console refrigerator, the CCF-T, specifically designed for GM vehicles including Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2019-2021 models); Chevrolet Silverado HD 2500/3500 (2020+ models); GMC Sierra 1500 (2019-2021 models); and GMC Sierra HD 2500/3500 (2020+ models). We spoke with Christopher Rine, product manager at Dometic, about the demand for this ground-breaking truck accessory.

Q: I’d never heard of having a refrigerator in a truck. How did the center console refrigerator, or CCF-T, come about? 
A: Dometic’s slogan is “mobile living made easy,” and we were thinking about how we could do that for people on the road. We took inspiration from class 7 and class 8 trucks that have over-the-road sleepers, refrigerators, and microwaves. We wanted to bring some of those comforts, such as having a refrigerator within reach, to other vehicles, so we started designing the CCF-T for Ford trucks.

A lot of pickups have crew cabs that can comfortably fit five full-size adults and they end up being family haulers. Having refrigerated space is important for families taking road trips. In addition, it’s a great accessory for people working out of their trucks — you can put a sub sandwich or food for lunch in it and it cools down on the way to the job site, and you have a nice cold lunch. Everything is healthy and fresh—instead of getting a “roller dog” [hot dog] and a Coke from a quickie mart.

Q: When was the CCF-T initially launched?  
A: We had kind of a quiet launch with the Ford CCF-T in December 2020 and brought it out at automotive shows. The GM CCF-T won a Diesel Tech Showstopper award at SEMA and is being recognized as a ground-breaking product. We’re redefining what’s possible — you might expect it in a limo, but when you have a refrigerator in a regular vehicle, most people’s reactions are like “whoa!” 

Q: What has customer feedback been like?   
A: So far, the feedback from people with a CCF-T has been extremely positive. They’ve said once they installed it, it was life-changing to be able to store cold drinks on the road and not worry about a cooler or ice.  

Behind the Design: CCF-T with Chris Rine
Behind the Design: CCF-T with Chris Rine

Q: This is a mobile refrigerator. Can you tell us how it works?
A: It’s a lot like your refrigerator in your house because there’s a compressor moving refrigerant around, and by doing that it cools the compartment. There is lots of insulation, so you don’t have to worry about condensation around it. Usually, no frost builds up in the fridge, but if there is, you can wipe it out with a paper towel or leave the lid open to let it evaporate. It’s rarely a concern though. 

The truck fridge plugs in using the 12V cigarette outlet on the back of the console, but it’s completely hidden so you’re not seeing an unsightly power cord. It is important to note that the console does use the 12V power from that outlet so there is no power going to it; once it’s connected, you can’t use the outlet for other accessories.

Q: You started with Ford trucks, and now you’re moving on to GM trucks. Can you tell me why?  
A: We started with Ford because it’s been the best-selling pickup truck for 40 years. In recent years, the Dodge Ram has taken the number two spot but there are some unique challenges with its design, which has a sliding center cup holder that can be moved back and forth, and the RAM only has one 12V outlet in the entire truck. So, we decided to design for GM trucks, including the 2019 and newer Silverado and Sierra models.

The volume [of the GM CCF-T fridge] is a little less than the Ford’s based on packaging constraints because the console is a little smaller than the Ford’s.

We are very excited to be adding another manufacturer in addition to Ford.

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