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Dominik Freund

Driven by Dreams

Hailing from Germany, Dominik Freund (@freundship) is deeply passionate about vanlife and conversions. His remarkable portfolio spans from transforming an ambulance to working on a VW Crafter, Suzuki Jimny, and now a bus – a testament to his unwavering pursuit of the extraordinary. 

Dominik's guiding principles are freedom and independence, epitomized by his motto, "einfach machen" or "just do it." His definition of fun doesn't always align with conventional norms; instead, it's about embracing every endeavor as an adventure. Dominik lives through a perpetual cycle of creativity, where the conclusion of one project seamlessly ushers to the next. 

As an avid skier and mountain biker, Dominik's vanlife journey commenced with a red VW Caddy. Fueled by the dream of waking up on the slopes or a sun-kissed coastal road, he started with a simple camper conversion. Swiftly progressing, he undertook his inaugural major build – a VW T4 bus boasting unique features like a roof terrace. 

Dominik's story isn't just about building vans; it's a testament to dreaming big and embracing the limitless possibilities of vanlife. Join us as we explore Dominik's world, where each project is a stride toward realizing the extraordinary in the world of mobile living. 


Getting Started with Van Conversions 

Q: What inspired your first van build? 
A: Well, the idea sparked when I wanted to take holidays with my girl, and conveniently, I already had an old T4 Van. So, I embarked on my first conversion journey. The thought of creating a personalized space, a home on wheels, excited me. It was about transforming a mere vehicle into a home base for adventure.  

Q: What has been your favorite project so far? 
A: Oh, that has to be my old ambulance project. I actually lived in it full time, no flat, just me and the van for a good 4 years. It became my sanctuary on wheels. The satisfaction of turning an ambulance into a cozy living space, with all its unique challenges, was beyond rewarding. 

Q: Do you have any advice for van build beginners? 
A: First, envision what you want to do with the van – any hobbies like biking or skiing. Plan space for your gear. Then, tackle isolation, set up electrical wiring, and finally, get creative with your furnishings. Remember, it's not just about a functional space; it's about creating a reflection of your lifestyle on wheels. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about vanlife? 
A: My absolute favorite thing is being able to use my own hands to build something. The freedom that vans provide is a close second. And, of course, I enjoy modding big cars into rigs for my adventures. There's a sense of accomplishment in the DIY aspect – building not just a vehicle, but a personalized haven for exploration. 

Van Building with Dometic: Elevate Your Vanlife 

Q: What Dometic products do you swear by? 
A: I'm a big fan of Dometic's fridges and cooking systems, but honestly, every product has its charm! The reliability of Dometic gear is unmatched; it's like having a trusted companion on every journey. From keeping my food fresh to whipping up a meal on the road, Dometic products have truly enhanced my vanlife experience. 

Q: How do you stay connected with the vanlife community? 
A: I share my adventures and builds on Instagram and YouTube to inspire others to dive into vanlife and guide them through the process. Connecting with the vanlife community is not just about showcasing my own journey; it's about creating a supportive space for exchange, learning, and camaraderie. There's a wealth of knowledge within the community, and sharing experiences is a way to give back. 

Q: Any future projects on the horizon? 
A: I would like to build an off-road van, perhaps a hefty Sprinter, where I can even stow away my motorcycle. Exploring new terrains and pushing the boundaries of vanlife excites me. A rugged off-road van would not only open up new possibilities but also add a thrilling dimension to my adventures. 

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Dometic FreshJet FJX4 2200

Dometic FreshJet FJX4 2200

Roof air conditioner, 2200 W, electronic controls

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Dometic MO 9722R

Two-burner hob and sink combination with glass lid, 760 x 325 mm

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Dometic RC 10.4T 70

Compressor refrigerator, 70 l, TFT display, double-hinged door

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