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Creating Memories

Photographer and family man, Jacob Moon, creates memories while living the vanlife

Traveling the world, hiking, climbing, and adventuring with a toddler may not be for everyone, but for Jacob Moon it means not having to compromise between work and family. Exploring and living in his customized 2004 Dodge Sprinter van, Jacob is able to take photographs of remote locations without spending long periods of time away from his wife, Natasha or their daughter, Zoey. For this family of three, vanlife gives them the freedom to create new memories together and to spend their days enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature.

When Jacob bought his van, he had little to no experience in building or customizing a vehicle. With the help of online videos, blogs, and a few good friends, he was able to turn a windowless cargo van into a fully functioning home. Making sure the living space could accommodate sleep, work, bathroom, kitchen needs, and an active toddler required the right gear and lots of smart solutions. Choosing dependable and durable products was crucial in creating a safe and reliable living space for his family.
Some things required trial and error to find the perfect solution. At first, Jacob kept all the food in a cooler. However, the food always ended up sitting in water and spoiling before they could eat it. Not to mention, some trails are so remote that stopping for more ice was impossible. For this reason, they switched to the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX-65W refrigerator. The 60 liter refrigerator fits perfectly in the cabinet under the sink of their van and offers constant temperature control in two seperate compartments that can work as either a refrigerator or a freezer. This means no more ice runs, no more wet or spoiled food, and the family can fill the fridge and have fresh healthy meals for over a week at a time without having to leave camp to shop.
Fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals are essential to Jacob and his family. They live in their van and being able to cook every day is a big part of feeling at home when on the road. The CFX-65W makes it possible to keep fresh vegetables and fruits at all times and even allows the family to enjoy ice cream whenever they want thanks to the versatile dual-temperature design. The fridge is also the only way for the family to store Zoey’s milk and feel confident that it will stay fresh and cold during their travels.  

Jacob and Natasha are living proof that having young children does not mean staying in one place or limiting fun or adventurous activities. Zoey is growing up with nature all around her and the couple have noticed that she is calmer and happier when she is outside, learning all about the world. Jacob travels for work, which sometimes requires hiking through the terrain to find breathtaking views. Each day is filled with  plenty of fresh air and sunlight without having to give up the basic comforts of home, time with his family, or fresh, healthy meals. For this trio, vanlife is the only life that lets them have everything they want and need. For Jacob, photography is not just his profession, but a way of capturing his memories forever. Years from now, he will be able to look back and see all of their adventures. For now, he prefers living in the moment, and enjoying every second.

If you want to keep up with Jacob and his adventures, make sure to follow him on social media: instagram.com/moonmountainman

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