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Special Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Special Vehicle Cooling Solutions


Dometic is the ideal partner for numerous applications for special vehicles, whether it concerns comfort on the road or on-site facilities.

Safety and comfortable conditions are hugely important in work vehicles. Safety as well for the employees as for the wider public. It doesn’t matter if you drive a fire engine or bin lorry, a crane or an ambulance.

Dometic offers several solutions for mobile or on-site power supply, ranging from a single power unit to a complex battery-based power system. Air conditioning, cooling boxes and even complete integrated temperature controlled solutions for vans. For safety solutions you can have rear-view cameras to so-called ‘bird view’ cameras which capture the entire 360° area around the vehicle or active systems such as parking sensors. And that’s just a small selection of the possibilities.


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It would be our pleasure to offer you further information or assist you to find the right cooling solution to meet your special needs.