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Dometic DS 300

Freestanding mini fridge, 27 l

This compact and convenient mini fridge is ideal for use in offices, hospitals or even at home. Two adjustable plastic shelves have a recess to make room for tall bottles while its lock ensures contents can be stored securely, if needed.

Art nr: 9600026782

DS 300FS - Energy Label


Dometic DS200, DS300, DS400, DS600 - IOM EMEA16

Installation and Operating Manual

Chromate-free minibars

Chromate-free minibars

Chromate has been used as a corrosion inhibitor in the production of absorption minibars for decades. However, current EU legislation requires this substance to be phased-out. After more than two decades of intensive research and development, Dometic offers a sustainable alternative. The new inhibitor has the same anti-corrosive effect as the well proven chromate and, after passing extensive tests, now substitutes chromate in our minibar factory in Jaszbereny, Hungary.

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