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Solar Systems for Trucks

Welcome to Dometic Go Power!

Invest now ... and never run out of power again!

There are many good reasons why it pays to invest in a mobile power supply solution based on renewable solar energy. Continuous battery recharging from a solar panel minimizes the risk of battery failure, prevents costly service calls and gives batteries a longer life. Chances are that a solar system pays off with a single service call avoided.

Welcome to Dometic Go Power! As pioneers in flexible, low-profile and light-weight solar panels for utility vehicles we have created reliable power supply solutions for a multitude of commercial applications. This web page is dedicated to our solar panels for trucks. Go on a journey of discovery and find out how our products can benefit your business!

Minimize Downtime

Say goodbye to dead batteries and power related service call. Keep your trucks on the road moving freight reliably and efficiently.

Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Cut down your operating costs by harnessing the power of the sun. Solar panels produce usable power free of charge anytime the sun is out.

Impressive return on investment

Get more from your money! Go Power! solar customers report a 6 to 12 month return on their investment. Some of them achieved ROI after avoiding a single service call.

Extend battery life

Add years of life of your batteries by topping them up with solar energy. Save costs by replacing batteries after years, not months.

Charging while driving or parked

Solar systems increase battery run time, because they charge while driving or parked. Customers report an additional 3 hours of run time with 330 watts of solar power installed.

Dometic Go Power! FLEX

Avoid costly downtime by recharging the batteries of your work vehicles with solar energy! This flexible solar panel produces more power per square foot than any other flat panel on the market. Lightweight and ultra-thin at a mere 3 mm, it bends up to 30° and thus neatly contours to truck cabins, trailer bodies or curved van roofs. The panel is self-adhesive for ease of installation.

  • Highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells for maximum solar yield per area
  • Curves up to 30° and neatly contours to truck cabins, trailer bodies or curved van roofs
  • Self-adhesive panel is simply attached to the surface
  • Ultra-light weight – up to 82% lighter than other solar modules
  • Aerodynamic design reduces fuel costs and emissions
  • Durable and maintenance-free – 5 years limited power output warranty
  • Industry-standard MC4 quick-connect cables (work in series or in parallel)

Dometic Go Power! installation examples

Here are four configuration examples for different truck cabins. Draw inspiration from the solutions created by our engineers. We will gladly assist you in finding the best possible solar panel setup for your application.

Installation example 1: Installation of 1 x 55Wp solar module

The self-adhesive solar module is attached to the roof along the corrugation. To secure it, self-tapping screws can be screwed into the roof at the front holes. The junction box disappears under the spoiler.

Installation example 2: Installation of 2 x 55Wp plus 1 x 110Wp

This illustration shows the maximum possible output of 220Wp. The 110Wp module can be glued and additionally screwed.

Installation example 3: Installation of 3 x 55Wp

On truck models where the 110Wp module cannot be used due to the corrugated roof surface, a possible alternative is to install 3 x 55Wp modules.

Installation example 4: Installation of 2 x 55Wp plus 2x 110Wp

This illustration shows a possible power of 330Wp.

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