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Sustainable Minibars For a Clean Future

New Inhibitor Replaces Chromate

Chromate has been the established industry standard corrosion inhibitor used in the production of absorption minibars for decades. Current EU legislation, however, stipulates the phase-out of this substance latest during 2021 for import to Europe and from January 2020 for European production.

Does that mean an end to the noiseless and wear-resistant absorption cooling technology? No, it doesn’t. After more than two decades of intensive research and development, we are now in the unique position to offer a sustainable alternative. The new inhibitor has been thoroughly in situ tested for over ten years and is now ready to substitute chromate in our minibar factory in Jaszbereny, Hungary. The challenge was to find an environmentally sound substance that would have the same anti-corrosive effect as the well proven chromate.

"Important Step For High Performing And Completely Silent Minibars In a Sustainable Future"


Dometic Group is once again proving Product Leadership in both R&D, Engineering and Sustainability taking a big step to implement a sustainable new corrosion inhibitor in its Minibar production.

Dometic has proactively worked on this development during several decades and invested substantial resources and expertise into one of the biggest projects the group has come to run over the years. The launch times very well given that the legislation of REACH bans the use of chromate in minibars from 2020 onward, making Dometic the sole supplier of European produced absorption minibars.

The well-known advantages of Dometic absorption cooling technology are:

  • Silent and vibration-free operations
  • Best-in-class cooling performance
  • Reduced maintenance over the entire life cycle of the unit
  • Longest product life span

The Dometic absorption minibars are the most energy efficient in the market and we continue our work to reduce energy consumption further. We are very proud of this achievement and welcome the decision of the European Union stepping up further into this ambitious Sustainable plan.

Hipro Line

The HiPro Line is the lowest energy consuming range of absorption minibars in the world. HiPro minibars are so distinctive in their design with many innovative and technically detailed solutions, that the term HiPro Technology was coined. The HiPro Line is the conclusion of decades of consistent development and the result will impress you.

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Basic Line

Quality and value are the watch words for the Basic Line minibar selection. The Fuzzy Logic technology and silent running ensures easy use plus a good night’s sleep for the end user, and reassuring knowledge for the customer that the system is advanced, absolutely reliable and value for money.

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Classic Line

Classic Line means contemporary cooling, smart design and additional comfort in minibars. Equipped with innovative and energy-efficient absorption technology, Fuzzy Logic temperature regulation and automatic defrost, they save time and money.

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Dometic Product Leadership & Sustainability Promise

Innovation is the most important driver for continued organic growth and long-term competitiveness. Therefore, product development and innovation are crucial to Dometic’s strategy. The company can only strengthen the product leadership through a coordinated approach to resources and investments.

Farsighted thinking combined with strategic investment has ensured a future for Dometic absorption minibars. In this way, we are living up to our philosophy as a sustainable company and a product leader in this field.

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What You Need To Know

  • New, chromate-free inhibitor means environmental and health protection
  • Two decades of research & development and over ten years of positive tests ensure excellent reliability and durability
  • 0 dB minibars for noiseless guest comfort will also be available in the future
  • Old absorption minibars are still usable without any risks, which protects our customers’ investment