Healthy Eating Off the Grid

Dirtbag Darling

When writer/photographer Johnie Gall started living more and more out of her vehicle, she found healthy eating to be among her toughest challenges. Less-than-healthy food was one of the compromises she was willing to make for her chosen lifestyle.

That was before she discovered her Dometic CFX 35W.

“Healthy eating and avoiding food waste is such a priority in my day-to-day life,” says Johnie, “but I get sidetracked when I travel because dealing with fresh foods in a cooler is a hassle.”

From a beat-up minivan, to a Sprinter, to her 2004 Land Rover Discovery, Johnie has lived in a vehicle on and off for the last seven years. “I'm a little embarrassed to say it's taken me this long to convert from a cooler to a refrigerator,” she says. “Not having to constantly dump and restock ice from a cooler every few days means I can stay off the grid and away from town for longer periods of time.”

Dirtbag Darling Johnie Gall

Johnie and her husband, Brandon, live an hour outside Philadelphia and spend their weekends mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, and hiking around the Northeast. Johnie is often on assignment for weeks at a time. Her projects take her across the country and beyond, capturing and sharing stories about public lands, adventure travel, and reducing her environmental impact.

Dirtbag Darling Johnie and Brandon Gall

“I'm happy to give up many luxuries in the name of simplicity,” she says, “but now my health doesn't have to be one of them.” Now that she’s got her Dometic CFX, Johnie’s pushing the limits of what she thought possible. “I'm excited to learn more about converting my Discovery to be more off-road capable, which will open up my options on where to go on the East Coast,” says Johnie. “North Carolina's Outer Banks have some of the only drivable beaches in the country — I can't wait to air down and rip around by the ocean with my surfboards.”

Dirtbag Darling Johnie Gall

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