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A world first in RV refrigeration

Upgrade to new levels of cool with our RV refrigerators

The doors open both left and right. If we told you nothing else about the Dometic RMD 10 series refrigerator, that alone beats any other RV fridge out there. It’s unique double-hinged doors and storage capacity lets you maximize the space you have with less compromise. Elegant, space-efficient and so easy to use – it’s a definite upgrade on your next adventure. We call it mobile living made easy.
Dometic 10er Series

The new Dometic 10 Series

Best Brand Award   Award

The award-winning double-hinged refrigerators for RVs.

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Double hinged door - opens left and right

No need to choose. Unique patented hinge lets you open either side.

New cooling unit - the best in class

Unrivalled cooling performance – freezes down to -18 ºC – for freshness you can always count on.
Dometic 10er Series

Full-Height aluminium door handles

Stylish and strong. Easy access to your food and drinks from every height and angle.

RMD 10.5 series absorption refrigerators

Introducing our new line of silent absorption refrigerators designed specifically for RVs. The RMD 10.5T and RMD 10.5 XT can run on 12 V, 230 V or gas and both feature our unique double-hinged doors for the ultimate in space-saving flexibility and separate freezer compartments for maximum efficiency.
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Dometic RMD 10.5T
Dometic RMD 10.5T
Absorption refrigerator, 153 l, TFT display
Dometic RMD 10.5XT
Dometic RMD 10.5XT
Absorption refrigerator, 177 l, TFT display, extra-deep cabinet
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RC 10.4 Series compressor refrigerators

Dometic’s new RC 10.4 series compressor refrigerators feature tailor made design to look right at home in modern camper vans. Running on 12 V, this series includes automatic protections for power issues giving you peace of mind and changeable front panels keep your mobile kitchen looking great.
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Dometic RC 10.4 70
Dometic RC 10.4 70
Compressor refrigerator, 70 l, LED display
Dometic RC 10.4 90
Dometic RC 10.4 90
Compressor refrigerator, 90 l, LED display

Absorption advantage

Absorption refrigerators run in silence, making them perfect for combined sleeping and cooking spaces. And you can power them with mains, battery, and even LPG for flexible, reliable, maintenance-free operation.
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Compressor versatility

Compressor refrigerators offer outstanding power efficiency and cooling performance even when ambient temperatures head for the extremes. Stable cooling and deep freezing down to -18º C, even when operating on an angle.
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Automatic efficiency

Dometic’s Automatic Energy Selector (AES) system – standard on all 10-series absorption models – automatically chooses the most efficient power source available, including even gas, for maximum energy savings.

Elegant organization

The optional accessory kit adds secure storage for on-road refrigerators. Ice trays, egg racks, and stackable food trays ensure safe transport and easy access.
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Smart connections

Dometic 10 Series refrigerators are the first to use the new CI-BUS industry standard for connecting and controlling intelligent appliances in recreational vehicles.
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Meet our ambassador

Sean Scott treks the Australian outback and photographs iconic locations. A Dometic refrigerator in his caravan sustains him in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Sean Scott

“I don’t need to return to base camp for anything.”

Sean Scott, Dometic Ambassador

Buyer's Guide

RVs, caravans, campers and boats all have their own needs and constraints. The Dometic Buyer’s Guide takes the guesswork out. Find the right size, style, cooling unit, and power choices for your vehicle.
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A legacy of cool

Our founder invented absorption refrigeration a century ago. No one else knows more about or makes better mobile refrigerators. That’s cool. Read more
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Meet the team


“We doubled down on convenience and features”

We challenged ourselves to set a new benchmark in premium mobile refrigeration with our 10 series. Our RMD 10.5 flagship leads the way, featuring a double hinged door for convenient access from both left and right, a new and flexible interior concept, stylish and practical fullheight aluminum door handles, and a powerful absorption cooling unit.

–Magnus Manderbach, Product Manager, Refrigeration

Upgrade even more

The Dometic range extends well beyond refrigerators. We have smart, reliable products, elegantly designed to upgrade almost every aspect of your outdoor adventures. It’s mobile living made easy.

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Cool food fast and maximize storage.
RV Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners

Crank up your comfort with the widest range.
rv rear view systems

Rear view systems

See all around your vehicle and maneuver safely.
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