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Breeze through summer with a new RV air conditioner

Upgrade your RV or Caravan with perfect climate control

Whether you’re seeking the heat of southern Europe or chasing the cool of the Nordics, always take your weather with you. Dometic FreshJet 2200 is a compact, lightweight, quiet air conditioner. Powerful, yet energy efficient, for the perfect indoor climate. It’s a great upgrade to your next adventure.
Freshjet 2200



The award-winning combination of performance and style.


Soft-start feature

Ensuring easy start up even with low electrical protection
Streamlined Profile

Streamlined Profile

Low installation height to blend nicely with other roof mounted gear, like satellite antennas or roof lights.

Dimmable LED Light

Attractive, thoughtful design for a stylish indoor environment.

Discover the Freshjet Series

The FreshJet-series air conditioners are the smallest on the market. No matter the size of your motorhome, there’s a FreshJet to keep you comfortable without taking any more space than you can spare.

New Dometic FreshJet 3000
Dometic FreshJet 3000
Roof air conditioner for vehicles over 7 m in length, 2516 W
Dometic FreshJet 2200
Dometic FreshJet 2200
Roof air conditioner for vehicles up to 7 m in length, 2200 W

Soft Start

Campsite power can be temperamental. Soft start gets your FreshJet smoothly up and running to full strength without blowing fuses. Soft Start feature available on Dometic Freshjet 2200 and Dometic Freshjet 3200 models.
Soft Start

Adjustable Airflow

Fully control air flow to both front and back. The direction of the air flows can be individually adjusted: to the left or right, towards the ceiling or flooring. Set the climate quickly, efficiently and in perfect balance.
Adjustable Airflow

Easy Control

We design for people. Our stylish, intuitive remote control lets you set everything – simply.
Easy Control

LED Light

The little touches make all the difference. Dimmable LEDs let you match the lighting to your mood.
LED Lightning

Buyers Guide

The refreshing cool of an air conditioner can be the key to your onboard comfort. This buying guide explains the different features and benefits of our models, helping you to choose the ideal unit for your vehicle. Learn More
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Meet the Team



We set ourselves a challenge – design one of the lightest, most compact unit in its category. Make it easy to install and maintain but guarantee high performance and low noise. It’s not enough to design just for features – we design for users. That means thinking in systems to build an entire experience, which gets stronger as you use Dometic products in combination.

– Samuele Meda, Head of Design and UX


”Flatter than the flattest”

Our design team took on the complex challenge of creating the most compact rooftop air conditioner the RV industry has ever seen. At a built-in height of just 22.5 cm, our FreshJet 2200 model is a cool 4 cm flatter than the flattest competitor system in the 2000-watt category.

– Oliver Loer, Product Manager Climate Control

Explore more of our air conditioners

Staying comfortable in your second home means getting the right balance of temperature and humidity. Whatever the weather, our range of air conditioning units includes a perfect match for every size and shape of vehicle.

Dometic FreshLight 2200
Dometic FreshLight 2200
Roof air conditioner with window for vehicles up to 7 m, 2200 W
Dometic FreshWell 3000
Dometic FreshWell 3000
Under-bench air conditioner for vehicles up to 8 m in length, 2700 W

We were doing this before it was cool

And we don’t mean that in a hipster way. In fact, you could say we invented cool. Seriously, almost a century ago, our founders patented the first absorption refrigerator – Albert Einstein thought it was cool – and it kicked off a whole industry of refrigeration and air conditioning.
Dometic Siegen

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Go your own way. The Dometic range includes all the accessories you need to perfectly customize your installation make the most of every upgrade. It’s mobile living made easy.

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