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Welcome to the NEW Dometic

One company, one brand, one promise

WAECO rebrands itself as Dometic

One company - one brand: WAECO´s highly appreciated and valued solutions have been rebranded and will be offered by Dometic from now on. Our motivation is to build one strong, consistent and distinctive corporate brand out of these various valuable sub brands Dometic consisted of before.

As a result, Dometic now offers the widest range of products with one common, freshly modern design within this market, which is limiting our product portfolio to just one brand. To give customers a maximum of orientation colors on product packages indicate now the five main product families: climate (ice cold blue), food & beverage (energetic green), power & control (leader yellow), hygiene & sanitation (fresh turqoise) and safety & security (adventurousorange).

With the new Dometic we are renewing our brand promise to provide solutions that satisfy people’s essential needs while living mobile. Dometic will continue the 40 years long success story of WAECO brand by setting new standards in terms of quality and functionality.

Products from Dometic

Cooling Boxes

It doesn't get more mobile than this: coolers from Dometic are easy to transport, to any desired location. They are available in countless sizes and models. Three different refrigeration technologies ensure that everything stays fresh on the move.

Powered Cooling Boxes
Non-powered Cooling Boxes

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Dometic offers a broad range of refrigerator models: a fitted model and a free-standing one, absorption and compressor technology. All Dometic refrigerators are ultra-convenient, even when powered with electricity or gas and provide high-performance cooling regardless of ambient temperatures.

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Air Conditioners

Air conditioning in its various forms belongs to Dometic’s core business. Our range includes Dometic roof air conditioners for recreational vehicles, trucks and commercial vehicles to under-bench air conditioners for motorhomes or caravans.

Air conditioners for RVs
Air conditioners for trucks
Air conditioners for marine
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Driving Support

Feeling free means living without fear. Our products contribute to an easier and safer mobile living. Camera-monitor systems allow your vehicle to complete every reversing manoeuvre without incident. The parking aids help to save time, avoid damage as well as repairs and the assistance systems help to avoid accidents while turning and changing direction.

Rear view systems

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Power & Control

Whatever is fun and brings comfort, needs energy. Energy is rarely unlimited in vehicles. Mobile energy systems from Dometic facilitate best use of the vehicle’s electrical system and the external energy sources capacities. For example, they ensure electricity supply to standard electrical devices even in the countryside.

Chargers & Inverters
Controls & Panels

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Professional Cooling

Cooling technology for temperature-controlled transport. Taking highly perishable goods safely from one place to another – no problem with mobile cooling from Dometic. Our professional coolers have stood and passed the test of practice millions of times. To meet demanding logistics needs they are fitted with special, high-performance electronics.

Food Transport
Laboratory Cooling
Pharmaceutical Cooling

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Our Dometic Quality Promise

WAECO´s technology and expertise has been combined into the new Dometic and its solutions. Dometic still continues providing great solutions to satisfy people´s essential needs when living mobile. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. We offer smart and reliable products with outstanding design, functionality and comfort. Our mission is to make mobile living easy.

✓ Smart solutions
✓ Reliable products
✓ Outstanding design, functionality and comfort
✓ Common Dometic service level for all products

WAECO Aircon Service

Air conditioning workshop equipment will remain under the WAECO brand