Compact Cool

Dometic Condaria PCWM
Chiller Unit 48.000 BTU

The durable construction of the PCWM 12002 Light provides a reliable cooling performance in harsh marine conditions. This unit boasts quiet operation and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant 410A.
  • Robust
  • Quiet operation
  • Corrosion-resistant
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Compact design with built in circulation pump.

230 V/50 Hz/ single phase

48.000 BTU capacity

Refrigerant type 410A is environmentally friendly with maximum cooling properties


Compact stainless steel frame

Dometic Condaria PCWM
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    • Robust and compact construction
    • Vibration isolation components reduce noise for quieter operation
    • Corrosion-resistant construction is ideal for marine conditions
    • Digital chiller control system
    • Advanced security control components
    • Low-maintenance stainless steel construction
    • Single and three phase power options

Cool or heat for year-round comfort

As well as a cooling capacity of 48,000 BTU/hr this unit also offers reverse-cycle heating at 60,000 BTU/hr for use in colder climates. This compact PCWM-LT 12002 model is constructed with robust, marine-grade materials such as stainless steel and cupronickel. Devices are applied to reduce noise and vibration, and Condaria's own advanced controls are used to monitor and coordinate all system functions for convenience and ease of use.


SKU number 9107510604 
Model PCWM 
Product Description Chiller Unit 48.000 BTU