Dometic Eskimo Ice EI1000
Ice maker, 230V

The Eskimo Ice EI1000 system produces up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of fishbox ice per day! Its easy-to-use Smart Logic digital control monitors all system functions. Ventilated cover panels can be removed for service access from any side, and its titanium condensing coil is impervious to erosion and corrosion for longer service life.
  • Compact
  • High-production
    542 lbs. per day
  • Removable panels for easy access
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Dometic Eskimo Ice EI1000
...and more
    • Produces up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of fishbox ice per day
    • Compact footprint - ideal when space is limited
    • Removable panels provide easy access
    • Thermal expansion valve increases performance for all conditions
    • Up to two remotely-mounted Smart Logic digital controls/display panels
    • Freshwater filter included in kit
    • Photoelectric sensor halts ice production when box is full

The Ice Solution

The Eskimo Ice EI1000 system produces up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of fishbox ice per day, and starts making ice in minutes! The ice-making machine comes in a self-contained, cube-shaped package with a compact footprint, making it ideal for boats with limited installation space. The units are easy to install and ice and can be conveyed up to 50 ft (15 m) through an ice-delivery hose to almost any location on board. This small-diameter hose is easy to install and less likely to kink. The system is operated by a Smart Logic control which is integrated into the electrical box and can be mounted remotely for installation flexibility. Smart Logic features a full menu of sensors and status lights monitoring gas pressure, auger motor, compressor, water level, ice level, and ice clogs; shutting off the system if problems are detected. Ventilated cover panels can be removed easily for convenient service access from any side. The titanium condensing coil is impervious to erosion and corrosion and provides long service life. The system installation kit includes one electrical box with Smart Logic keypad/display, water filter and ice delivery hose with insulation. An additional Smart Logic keypad/display can be purchased separately and mounted in a conveniently accessible location for captain and crew. For efficient, reliable fishbox ice production, look no further!


SKU number 9108919882 
Model Eskimo Ice EI1000 
Model on label EI1000X/2-230 DIGTL CONTROL 
Product Description Ice maker, 230V 
Dimensions product depth 628.65 mm
Dimensions product height 736.60 mm
Dimensions product width 622.30 mm
Net weight 95.71 kg
Input voltage (AC) 115 V
Input frequency 60 Hz
Refrigerant, type R404A 
- Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 3922 
Refrigerant amount 425.24 g
CO2 equivalent 1,668 t
Dimensions parcel depth 622.30 mm
Dimensions parcel height 736.60 mm
Dimensions parcel width 628.65 mm
Parcel weight 104.33 kg