Dometic PML500
Water Pump, 115V - 6 GPM - 14 ft. of head

Provides a steady flow of cooling water through your marine air conditioning system. A wide range of pumps and motors are available for use in different power environments.
  • High-capacity
  • Easy one-button operation
  • Seawater-grade : 9108549747 Visit support page + FAQ
Dometic PML500
...and more
    • High-capacity centrifugal pumps
    • Vibration-isolation mounts reduce noise and vibration
    • Seawater-grade construction with glass-filled polypropylene or bronze pump heads
    • Single-phase motors have built-in thermal overload and ignition protection
    • Three-phase ignition-protected motors

Robust and reliable centrifugal pump

The Dometic PML500-115V heavy-duty centrifugal pump provides a steady flow of cooling water through the air conditioning system: ensuring a top cooling performance. The glass-reinforced polypropylene head pump has magnetic drive impellers, and is available with submersible or air-cooled motors. Centrifugal pumps must be mounted below the water line. Self-priming pumps are also available for above-water-line applications. A scoop type through-hull and a seawater strainer are recommended for proper operation. When more than one air conditioning unit is served by a single pump, a separate pump relay is used. To complete the installation, Dometic can also supply water manifolds, hose, and fittings. Larger pumps have bronze heads with mechanical seals, and air-cooled, drip-proof motors. Ensure your onboard comfort.


SKU number 9108549747 
Model Pumps DX P800 PMA1000 
Model on label PUMP ASY PML500 115/50-60/1 
Product Description Water Pump, 115V - 6 GPM - 14 ft. of head 
Dimensions product depth 187.96 mm
Dimensions product height 142.24 mm
Dimensions product width 142.24 mm
Net weight 3.61 kg
Input voltage (AC) 115 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions parcel depth 152.4 mm
Dimensions parcel height 177.8 mm
Dimensions parcel width 292.1 mm
Parcel weight 3.76 kg
Installation & Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual