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Dometic PerfectPower PP 1002
Inverter, 1000 W, 12 V

This high-performance sine wave inverter turns 12 V battery power into a sine wave like 230 V AC. It has enough power to supply energy-hungry appliances, such as hair dryers, toasters, filter coffee machines, electric kettles or vacuum cleaners. The mains priority circuit and soft-start feature give these power appliances a gentle jump start.
  • 230 V AC
    Sine wave
  • High peak output for powerful devices
  • Mains priority as standard
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Modified sine wave

The inverters in the PerfectPower PP series generate a modified sine wave voltage. That means the voltage produces a stepped curve simulating a pure sine wave. The result is an output voltage of stable amplitude and frequency, which is absolutely fine for many electric devices. For sensitive electronics, opt for an inverter producing a pure sine wave voltage (SinePower series).
Modified sine wave
Nice and neat
Nice and neat

All cables are on the back of the device ̶ no mess!

Dometic PerfectPower PP 1002
...and more
    • 230 V AC sine wave like voltage output
    • High peak output for powerful devices
    • Mains priority circuit integrated as standard
    • Overload and short-circuit protection
    • 1000 W continuous output
    • 2000 W peak output
    • External on/off switch for convenient operation from the dashboard

230 V AC for powerful electric devices

The Dometic PerfectPower PP 1002 high-performance inverter turns 12 V battery voltage into a sine like 230 V alternating voltage, similar to that from a home power socket. Its high continuous and peak output make it ideal for many powerful appliances, such as hair dryers, toasters, filter coffee machines, or vacuum cleaners. The soft-start function guarantees a gentle jump start, even for power burners. The high-performance inverter comes with many convenient features, including an external switch for operation from the dashboard, an output for remote control, and adjustable feet for flexible installation.


SKU number 9600000022 
Model PP 
Scope of delivery Modified sine wave inverter 
Product Description Inverter, 1000 W, 12 V 
Dimensions product depth 338 mm
Dimensions product height 95 mm
Dimensions product width 176 mm
Net weight 3.5 kg
Input voltage (AC) 230 V
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Output voltage 230 V
Power consumption at standby 18.00 W
IP class IP21 
Current consumption - Zero load ≤1,5 A
Energy efficiency ≤85 %
Continuous power 25°C 1000.00 W
Operating temperature min 0.00 °C
Operating temperature max 40.00 °C
EAN-13 4015704250268 
Dimensions parcel depth 420 mm
Dimensions parcel height 150 mm
Dimensions parcel width 260 mm
Parcel weight 4.66 kg
Installation & Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual


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