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Paneles de control

Paneles de control

Controladores de batería: todo va bien si la batería funciona bien

La corriente CC es lo que da vida a sus actividades en su vehículo, así que siempre es bueno saber cómo están funcionando las baterías. Los controladores de batería PerfectControl le mantienen bien informado en todo momento. Una rápida mirada al display es suficiente para tener todos los parámetros importantes bajo control.

  • Ofrece a los usuarios un control completo sobre las baterías
  • Su panel de control fácil de usar muestra todos los parámetros importantes de la batería
  • La advertencia de batería baja evita problemas inesperados de potencia
  • Puede mejorarse con tres sensores de batería adicionales
  • Interfaz bus CIS para su integración en sistemas de gestión de potencia complejos
  • El complemento perfecto para los cargadores de batería PerfectCharge de Dometic

  • Cómodo manejo pulsando un botón
  • Carga de batería por control remoto
  • Encendido/Apagado del modo de reposo

  • Unidad versátil que controla y monitoriza su convertidor DSP-T y su cargador MCA
  • Combínelo con un sensor de batería para ver todos los datos relevantes de la batería
  • Indica de manera práctica valores como potencia y tensión, además de las funciones estándar
  • Permite la personalización detallada de su convertidor
  • Combínelo con un cargador MCA para controlar todos los productos energéticos con un panel

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High-quality control panels for RV and marine application

A good control panel provides you with the most important information at a glance. This includes all of the critical parameters. Ideally it can be operated intuitively and is easy to install. There should be an integrated alert in case of any problems or malfunctions to warn you in good time. Be sure to go for a smart device that is a future-proof investment. We at Dometic, for example, are keen to always design our control panels in a way that they can easily be integrated with potential future innovations in the mobile living industry.

No risk, more fun

How would you feel driving around without a functioning fuel indicator? Especially going on longer roadtrips where the next gas station is not always already in plain sight, you will likely check on your tank level at least every few hours. Of course you wouldn’t want to risk running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.

Battery management

A stable source of power is central for all of your mobile activities. So why don’t monitor your battery status as well? Battery management is essential for anyone who travels for extended lengths of time. Let our control panel warn you of a low battery status and avoid the common problem of running out of battery power when you need it the most. Just take a fast look at the display light if you ever need to know about the current condition of the battery. Dometic battery controllers are available for RV’s, trucks and marine application.

Turn your RV into a smart home

There are all sorts of different RV control panels and Dometic has got you covered, no matter what your personal requirements are. While a reliable battery management device is vital to ensure you won’t run into unexpected power shortages during your trip, our multiplex system solution will make you feel all the comfort of a smart home. Its convenient LCD touch screen display provides you not only with a current but a historical view of the system usage and even forecasting. It also allows you to control your RV’s system devices like lighting, air conditioning, awnings, and more with the touch of a finger.

Control panel accessories

There are additional accessories that come with the different control panel options. The PerfectControl unit comes with a CI bus interface, for example. This provides you with everything needed to integrate the unit into a complex power management system. This unit is also ideal for the Dometic PerfectCharge battery charging system.

Trust in Dometic

Dometic is a Swedish manufacturing company that is dedicated to offering innovative solutions for various mobile applications. Our products are now sold in more than 100 countries around the world, and the company continues to maintain fair business and labor practices. This makes the brand a leader in the mobile living arena. All Dometic devices are designed to work exceptionally well together and ultimately do so too with our high-quality control panels. Enjoy the freedom of mobile living without sacrificing the comfort of home.