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Rolling Recess

Dinner for two in the Arizona desert under a blanket of stars, serenaded by wailing coyotes. That’s how Jeff and Deb Spencer like to eat out.

Full-time RVers for the past two years, this married couple can’t imagine any other lifestyle. And neither can their dog, Sammy.

“We don’t have a mortgage to worry about or a lawn to trim,” says Deb Spencer. “Jeff and I are free of the typical obligations that weigh so many people down. It costs a lot of money to support a bloated lifestyle. We just don’t have that pressure and it’s very liberating.”

Rolling Recress

Deb and Jeff both went camping at an early age. Jeff explains: “Yep, those early experiences definitely planted the seeds of the lifestyle we enjoy today. We both have great memories of camping as children.” Deb agrees. “When I was a kid, being outdoors, camping and fishing was fantastic. I grew up in Illinois and we mostly camped locally. But I remember this two-week trip we took in the 1970’s. We camped our way to Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. It was my first sight of the Rocky Mountains. I can still see those peaks as vividly as the day we crossed the plains of Kansas,” she says wistfully.

Rolling Recress

Jeff and Deb enjoy the mobility of their lifestyle. “Being RVers has definitely brought out our sense of adventure,” says Jeff. “ We’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, stood on top Yosemite’s Half Dome, climbed Flat Iron in Superstition Mountains, encountered wild hogs as big as cattle in northern California, even completed a 100-mile trail run. We’ve experienced so much, it’s been so rewarding.”

Now in their fifties, Jeff and Deb understand the importance of staying fit. “I’ve learned that I have to maintain a good fitness level, otherwise I can’t enjoy everything this beautiful world has to offer. I wouldn’t have the energy to reach the best views, the ones that bring tears to your eyes,” says Deb.

Rolling Recress

While Jeff and Deb have made numerous friends on their travels, there’s been one thing missing in most of their encounters with others who share their lifestyle. Deb explains: “I want to see more women driving RVs. I do about 80% of the driving, but I’m very much the exception. I tell other women that the best way to overcome their fears is to just get behind the wheel. Plenty of women solo RV, but if there’s a man in their life they tend to let him do the driving. Nowadays, I often have an audience of men judging my parking skills whenever I back our rig into a spot. Perhaps they’re expecting me to crash and burn, but they normally give me the thumbs up when they see I can do it.”

Rolling Recress

While Jeff and Deb enjoy the freedom of mobile living, it doesn’t mean they have completely abandoned the comforts of home. “Oh no,” says Jeff, “far from it. That’s what we have Dometic for. In fact, our RV is filled to the brim with their products. We have a CFX 40 to give us additional fridge and freezer space, which allows us to stay out longer. It’s very energy-efficient, making it a good match for our solar system. We have two Dometic heat pumps, vents to ensure the inside of our RV is comfortable, toilet, furnace, awnings, slide toppers and a cook top. We are very well equipped indeed for mobile living.”

But what’s next for Deb and Jeff? “Well, now that we know how we want to live, we’re just going to carry on. There’s so much still to experience. In fact, we’re already talking about our next RV,” says Deb.

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