Inodoros para náutica

Elija entre sanitarios de vacío, sistema de corte o por gravedad para gozar de comodidad higiénica, conveniente y que ahorra espacio en su embarcación. Además, los sanitarios portátiles de Dometic combinan muchas funciones útiles en los espacios más pequeños.
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8500 Series

Elegant, Comfortable, Powerful

8100 Series

The Dometic MasterFlush 8100 Series toilets provide a luxurious all-ceramic fixture when space is limited


Lack of space? Choose from the space-saving, rotating, macerating and clever MasterFlush 7000 Series


La serie 310 de los inodoros de descarga a gravedad está diseñada para maximizar la economía y el rendimiento.


A perfectly designed range of toilets for motorhomes


MasterFlush 8100 Series toilets are macerator toilets that represent value and power


La gama de inodoros MasterFlush 8700 ofrece flexibilidad, lujo y opción para los aficionados a la navegación.


La serie 500 de calidad superior de los inodoros de descarga a gravedad se instalarse en una diversa gama de botes


The 960 Series is a long-established portable toilet range that is reliable and user-friendly.

8900 Series

Una apariencia de lujo entre varias opciones de diseño dentro de esta serie de inodoros MasterFlush 8900.

500 Series

Comfort and efficency are the main benefits associated with the VacuFlush 500 series.


The 700 Series are self-contained packages providing complete freshwater toilet systems for boats

5000 Series

La serie VacuFlush 5000 ofrece lo último en experiencia del usuario.

700 Series

The VacuFlush 700 is the responsible choice of toilet systems for boats

4800 Series

La serie VacuFlush 4800 es eficiente, de bajo consumo y se adapta a la mayoría de los botes


The 970 Series of portable toilets provide comfort, simplicity and the latest technology

140 series

Tamaño compacto para compartimientos principales pequeños

4700 Series

Rendimiento superior

4300 Series

Comfort and convenience

8600 Series

Bringing Style, Quality and Versatility together


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Toilets for your Boat

If you enjoy boating and don't want to run into uncomfortable situations, ensure that you have the right toilet for your boat and needs. Having a proper boat toilet that suits your preferences and the number of people you would like to bring on board makes everything much easier. It also spares you of ending your trips earlier than planned. Always keep the length of your trips as well as your desired routes in mind when choosing an adequate boat toilet.

Why You Need a Boat Toilet

Sanitation is one of our basic needs. So of course toilets are everywhere. Think about it: In your day to day life, at a restaurant, at work, at home, at the mall – how often are you not in short walking distance of a restroom? Toilets are basic, but they also mean comfort. You don’t want to miss out on that on your boat trips which should bring you relaxation and pleasure.

The reason you need a toilet on board is obvious, but you are still not sure, whether you really want to invest your hard-earned money in a boat toilet ? Well, if you only stay on the water for a few hours at a time, you can try getting away with not having one. But in case of emergencies coming up while you are more than 30 minutes from land, you could find yourself in a bad position. In addition to preventing uncomfortable situations, your boat toilet allows you to enjoy your trip and reach your destination without unneeded stops along the way. No matter your budget, you should have no trouble locating a marine toilet that works for you.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

If you don't travel on the Great Lakes or stay within 3 miles of the shore while at sea, you can use a boat toilet that discharges untreated waste overboard. This option is convenient but leaves a nasty mess behind, and you will likely deal with unpleasant odors.

You need to explore other options if you stay within 3 miles of the shore or boat on the Great Lakes. You either need to treat the waste before unloading it or use a different method. You can find small sewage tanks that you manually discharge at the end of your trip, or you can use tanks that connect to discharge stations.

Why You Should Choose a Dometic Toilet

Dometic is one of the world's leading brands when it comes to marine and recreational vehicles and equipment.

We believe our customers deserve the best products on the market, and that is why we offer only high-quality boat toilets on which you can depend. Our kind experts are ready to work with you and help you uncover a marine toilet that matches your goals. Our dedication to quality and commitment to your satisfaction give you peace of mind with each order you place, proving you are in the best possible hands.

Where to buy a boat toilet

You want to have a quality toilet before your next boating adventure, so don't waste another minute. We are standing by the phone to point you in the right direction. We are ready to help you choose your next marine toilet so that you can decide with confidence, and you will be pleased you came to us.

When you settle only for the best the market has to offer, the items in our collection won't leave you disappointed. The right boat toilet can be yours in no time if you reach out to us. If you are ready to begin, we invite to find a Dometic dealer near you today.