Dometic HSA RaDome
Air Cooler

With its robust construction with corrosion-resistant materials, this unit can handle the most extreme conditions at sea. Easy to install and with convenient digital controls.
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to install
    No plumbing
  • Durable
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tuotenumero 9108680622 Käy palvelusivulla
The Dometic Radome Environmental Control Unit provides air conditioning within the radar dome enclosure, ensuring optimum temperatures for the critical equipment inside.
Dometic HSA RaDome
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    • Compact, lightweight, and easy to install
    • Air-cooled - no plumbing required
    • Durable corrosion-resistant coating
    • Enhanced fin design and rifled tubing for maximum capacity
    • Control circuitry monitors and protects the unit

Protect critical equipment

Safe navigation relies on your ship’s radar and communications equipment, and as with all electronics, overheating leads to equipment failure. The Radome Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is specifically designed to provide air conditioning within the dome enclosure, ensuring optimum temperatures for the critical equipment inside. Its robust design is capable of performing in harsh marine conditions and includes a corrosion-resistant coating. The Radome is compact, lightweight and easy to install – with its air-cooled operation, it does not require any plumbing

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SKU-numero 9108680622 
Malli HSA RaDome 
Tarrassa oleva malli HSA16UKCZ/1-417A 2NDGEN 5"DCT 
Tuotekuvaus Air Cooler 
Mitat, tuotteen syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 762 mm
Mitat, tuotteen korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 369 mm
Mitat, tuotteen leveys [mm] – Näyttö 458 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 45.13 kg
Tulojännite (AC) [V] 230 V
Tulotaajuus [Hz] 60 Hz
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja vähintään [A] 14.00 A
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja enintään [A] 20.00 A
Jäähdytysteho (ISO 5151) [W] – Näyttö 16000 W
Mitat, paketin syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 787 mm
Mitat, paketin korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 686 mm
Mitat, paketin leveys [mm] – Näyttö 1219 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 54.43 kg