Dometic Turbovap TVE
Marine Evaporators

Based on the innovative engineering advancements of the award-winning Dometic Turbo self-contained air conditioning system, the Dometic TurboVap has an enclosed blower motor, improved noise reduction, and easily rotated blowers. It offers improved installation ease and flexibility.
  • Rust-free drain pan
  • Rotating blowers
    Up to 270°
  • Easy one-button operation
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Great performance

The TurboVap evaporators offer many benefits, such as, improved installation ease and flexibility, the enclosed blower motor eliminates overhang and can also be rotated 270° with a single adjustment screw. The fully insulated, high-velocity blowers are quiet and efficient. Further noise reduction is achieved by TurboVap Series’ built-in cushioning system minimizing vibration to the deck and innovative mounting clips utilizing vibration isolators.
  • Positive-flow, anti-slosh, rust-free drain pan ensures condensate does not spill.
  • Installation time reduced by 15 minutes.
  • No blower-motor overhang reduces depth.
  • Vibration-isolation mounting system reduces noise.
  • Up to 14% increase in cooling capacity.
Great performance
Square chassis for easy installation in tight spaces
Square chassis for easy installation in tight spaces

Compact base fits in more spaces.

Dometic Turbovap TVE
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    • Rust-free composite drain pan has anti-slosh, "positive flow" drain channels for no spills and rapid removal of condensate
    • High-velocity fully-insulated blowers are rotatable up to 270 °
    • Vibration-isolation mounts reduce noise and vibration
    • Used with R-22 or R-417A condensers

Reduced size, less noise, more comfort!

The Dometic TurboVap series direct expansion split-gas evaporator for boats is based on the revolutionary engineering advancements of the award-winning Dometic Turbo self-contained air conditioning system. Featuring a rust-free molded composite drain pan, condensate water is rapidly removed at one of two easy-to-plumb drain locations. The pan also has innovatively designed anti-slosh ridges and “positive flow” channels to ensure condensate does not spill, even in the roughest seas.

Tekniset tiedot

SKU-numero 9108548576 
Tarrassa oleva malli TV16 230V 
Tuotekuvaus Marine Evaporators 
Mitat, tuotteen syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 295 mm
Mitat, tuotteen korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 345 mm
Mitat, tuotteen leveys [mm] – Näyttö 363 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 9.53 kg
Tulojännite (AC) [V] 230 V
Tulotaajuus [Hz] 50/60 Hz
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja vähintään [A] 1.00 A
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja enintään [A] 5.00 A
Jäähdytysteho (ISO 5151) [W] – Näyttö 4689.14 W
Virrankulutus vähintään, jäähdytys [A] 0.78 A
Virrankulutus enintään, jäähdytys [A] 0.78 A
Mitat, paketin syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 445 mm
Mitat, paketin korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 483 mm
Mitat, paketin leveys [mm] – Näyttö 622 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 12.84 kg