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CO Detectors

Harmful gas alert

CO Detectors
The Dometic CO Detector is designed to keep you and your family safe. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted to the presence of harmful, odorless CO gases.
LP Detectors

Haitallisen kaasupitoisuuden ilmoitus

LP Detectors
Dometic LP Detector on suunniteltu suojaamaan sinua ja perhettäsi. Varoitin ilmoittaa haitallisista nestekaasupitoisuuksista.

  • Luotettava, välitön hälytys mahdollisiin huumauskaasumurtoihin
  • Optinen hälytys ja äänihälytys
  • Toimii itsenäisesti tai yhdessä Dometic MagicSafe MS 650-, MS 660- ja MS 670 -hälytysjärjestelmien kanssa
  • Tunnistaa yleiset huumauskaasut, kuten kloroformi-, butaani-, etaani- ja trikloorietyleenipohjaiset kaasut
  • Säätää itsensä automaattisesti sisäilman mukaan
  • Toimii 12 V ja 24 V jännitteellä
  • Itsepuhdistuvat anturit

  • Pieni ja kevyt, helppo kuljettaa mukana
  • Varmistaa kaasun tason luotettavan mittauksen propaani- ja butaanipulloista
  • Ihanteellinen käytettäväksi matkailuajoneuvossa, retkellä, veneessä tai kotona
  • Voidaan käyttää teräksestä tai alumiinista valmistettujen kaasupullojen kanssa

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RV gas detectors – a safe investment

Carbon monoxide is a potentially lethal gas, and it can cause hospitalization or death in some cases. The fumes from an RV engine that has improper ventilation has caused fatalities in the past. This happens because the carbon monoxide molecule gets preferred over the oxygen molecule. This causes the brain to starve from oxygen depletion while the person is still asleep. This is why carbon monoxide cases typically involve someone who falls asleep in an enclosed space where the engine is still running.

Carbon monoxide detectors

If there is no RV carbon monoxide detector in the vehicle, the situation could become tragic. However, a carbon monoxide detector isn’t enough to ensure the safety of your family when sleeping in enclosed spaces. The carbon monoxide detector only picks up on this particular gas, so it won’t detect natural gas, methane or propane leaks. This is why some people choose to use RV gas detectors that detect other gases besides carbon monoxide.

Other RV gas detectors

Besides the above mentioned carbon monoxide detector a propane detector would make sense for most campers, for example. Propane is incredibly versatile. In mobile homes it is often used as cooking gas or you can buy it in small gas cartridges for your camping cooker. A lot of mobile radiators or mobile refrigerators require propane to function as well. Propane is not necessarily poisonous, but at a high concentration it will displace oxygen in the air which can lead to symptoms such as a rapid heart rate, clumsiness or fatigue. If no action is taken the consequences can be fatal. Propane is also highly explosive. Once enough gas has escaped, a small spark is enough to cause a major explosion. Dometic propane gas detectors provide you with reliable assurance that your motor home or recreational vehicle is safe to use. The moderate investment you spend on obtaining this quality Dometic product will pay you back over time in added security and peace of mind.

What is a LP gas detector?

Basically, propane, LP (liquid propane), and propane gas all refer to the same thing. To store propane gas it needs to be pressurized, and as a result it becomes liquified. The current state of aggregation marks the difference between LP and propane. Dometic LP gas detectors will automatically run scans on your RV’s interior conditions by default. Audio and visual signals are triggered if harmful gases are detected. It can function as a standalone device, or it works in combination with the Dometic MagicSafe MS 650, MS 660 and MS 670 systems. The device runs on 12-volt and 24-volt power, and it has self cleaning sensors. These features are designed to provide the ultimate protection for your safety and comfort.

Use different RV gas detectors in combination

Dometic provides a wide range of quality RV gas detectors to ensure the safety of travelers at all times. These units function to detect the presence of harmful gases, and they can work together at the same time without any interference. Our products are especially reliable when it comes to detecting potential threats from the presence of harmful gases. They utilize both audio and visual signals to convey the threat, and this gives you plenty of time to react accordingly. Dometic gas detectors are unbeatable when used in combination. Detecting carbon monoxide is critical, but you also need RV gas detectors to detect the presence of other gases. Examples include chloroform, butane, trichloroethene and ethane gases. These are called knockout gases, and they are extremely dangerous.