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Dometic introduces new recycled material to design products for sustainability
Dometic ottaa käyttöön uuden kierrätysmateriaalin, kestävän kehityksen mukaisten tuotteiden suunnitteluun
Tukholma, Ruotsi 7/10 2021, Dometic osallistuu aktiivisesti uusien kestävän kehityksen mukaisten materiaalien käytön edistämiseen. Dometic on tuonut markkinoille uuden REDUX-materiaalin tarjotakseen ympäristötietoisille asiakkailleen vaihtoehtoja, joilla on vähemmän haittavaikutuksia ympäristöön. Tätä kevyttä polyesteriä, joka on valmistettu 100-prosenttisesti kierrätetyistä muovipulloista ja jolla on Global Recycled Standard -sertifiointi, käytetään monenlaisissa uusissa tuotteissa.
Dometic x Cake emerges as the best of best in Automotive Brand Contest
Stockholm, Sweden - July 12, 2021. A concept of future transportation, the combination of e-utility bike Cake Ösa and Dometic's climate-controlled delivery container, Dometic DeliBox, was recognized by the German Design Council and awarded best of the best ABC Awards 2021 in the transportation category.
Dometic Defender Patrol Roof
Dometic asettaa ilmastotavoitteen vuodelle 2030
Tukholma, Ruotsi – 1. kesäkuuta 2021. Dometic pyrkii lisäämään energiatehokkuutta ja siirtymistä uusiutuviin energialähteisiin, jotta liikkuvan elämän hiilijalanjälki pienenee entisestään. Tavoitteeksi on asetettu vähentää toiminnan CO2-päästöjä 50 prosentilla vuoteen 2030 mennessä*.
Dometic Launches Delibox, a Game-Changing Solution for Food Delivery
Chicago, IL - May 18, 2021. Mobile living expert Dometic aims to disrupt the premium delivery market with a new smart food delivery solution, DeliBox. An industry-first product, the Dometic DeliBox fills a white space across a variety of markets and is poised to change the future of food delivery.
Dometic Bass Boat
New Dometic Pro-Trim Puts Precision Control Right at the Driver's Fingertips
LITCHFIELD, IL USA - April 15, 2021. Dometic Marine Pro-Trim System got a new look with clean and elegant design and offers easy installation and single or dual function capability, making it an ideal “bolt-on” upgrade for bass boats, bay boats and other high-performance fishing rigs.
Dometic Annual Report Wins Design Award
Stockholm, Sweden - January 22, 2021. Dometic awarded a GOLD prize by Sweden's prestigious design award Svenska Designpriset in category Information Annual Report - Listed Company for its Annual Report 2019.
German Firefighter Deploy Dometic Turn Assist For Safer Driving
German city Emsdetten’s fire department has selected Dometic as a sole vendor for the installation of turn assist systems on their entire fleet of fire engines. The department is utilizing the government’s “2020 Turn Assistance Systems” national funding program provided to German organizations far ahead of the EU target of 2024.
Dometic to Revolutionize Food Delivery Industry with Groundbreaking Innovation
Stockholm, Sweden - January 11, 2021 - Dometic today announces an unconventional transportation box which can preserve the quality and temperature of restaurant food until it reaches the customer. The product, The Dometic Food Delivery Box, which is currently in development, will provide a better method of home delivery of prepared food and opens up business opportunities for restaurateurs and transport companies, allowing them to enter into the ever-growing food delivery business.
Dometic Strengthens IOT Capability with Telenor Connexion
Mobile Living expert, Dometic, has signed a contract with leading IoT (Internet of Things) service provider Telenor Connexion to reinforce its device connection and control solution, Dometic Interact. With the cloud based IoT platform, Dometic secures instant roaming access to 200+ leading mobile networks globally, thus the company can offer an advanced and seamless control capability across its broad portfolio around the world.
To support home delivery for the self-isolated elderly population amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the City of Helsinki launched the Helsinki Helpline service. The Dometic electric cooler CFX3 has a vital role in this – to keep the freshness and quality of the food until it reaches the doors of those in need.