How do I prevent UV degradation on my awning?

Awning fabrics can be weakened by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Kampa Dometic awning fabric is treated to protect it from UV. Under normal holiday use an awning will give long service but use for extended periods in strong sunlight will soon cause deterioration. In those cases, it would be wise to use a site as shaded as possible. UV degradation is not covered under warranty. The warranty does not cover awnings used on permanent or semi-permanent* sites, displays or for commercial purposes.

There are steps you can take to help prevent UV degradation. Kampa Dometic recommend that Super Hydrophobic Spray is applied to the flysheet material on an annual basis. Not only will this ensure that the awning remains waterproof, it will also create an extra layer of resistance to UV damage, prolonging the life of an awning.

The first signs of awning degradation will be color fading. If you have experienced this then you should look to re-coat the material with Super Hydrophobic Spray as soon as possible. Color fading does not necessarily mean that the awning fabric itself has weakened.

Other effects of UV degradation include the material taking on a papery feel and the windows becoming brittle. At these advanced stages it is likely the awning is no longer serviceable and at the end of its life.

The life of the awning varies by the materials used.

*All-Season models have been designed for use on seasonal pitches.