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Experience the new Dometic HUB

For any adventure

With the HUB, versatility is built in. An activity shelter, a camping tent, a SUV awning, a campervan drive-away – the HUB is all of these and more. Throw it in the trunk or put it on your back and follow the call of the wild, adventure awaits you.

Élvezze a spontaneitást

Élvezze a spontaneitást, táborozzon le és kerüljön közeli és személyes viszonyba a természettel. A HUB bármilyen környezetben használható; különleges jellemzői, tartós szövetei és okos kialakítása lehetővé teszi, hogy Ön könnyen átmehessen egyik kiváló szabadtéri helyszínről a másikra – bebiztosítva ezáltal, hogy napkeltekor Ön legyen az első, aki a túraösvényre lép. 

The Dometic HUB


Single point inflation 
- The HUB inflates by hand easily from just one external inflation point.
• MULTIPLE APPLICATION - Use freestanding or zip-on optional connection tunnels to connect SUV’s and campervans.
• Quickpitch™ Guying System - Set-up in seconds. Peg the bottom strap taut and adjust the buckle to apply tension.


• PVC GroundsheeT - The durable PVC shelter base has been incorporated to resist damage when pitching on hard and stony ground.
• Weathershield™ Pro FABRIC - Durable, waterproof and lightweight double coated polyester fabric.
• STAY LONGER - Zip-on the optional two-person sleeping annexe, compete with breathable inner tent. 

Stay out longer

Fast and effective shelter means you can continue doing what you love even when the sun sets, wind blows or rain comes down. The HUB sets you free to celebrate being in the moment with friends and family with total confidence in your comfort.

Customized by you

Engineered to match the way you experience the outdoors. Mod out your HUB with a range of bespoke add-ons, designed to upgrade performance, add comfort and adapt to your lifestyle. Discover what’s possible with the Dometic HUB.
Dometic HUB
Dometic HUB
Felfújható pavilon szabadtéri tevékenységekhez
256 909,99 Ft
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Dometic Hub Annexe
Dometic Hub Annexe
Felfújható oldalfülke a moduláris pavilonhoz
99 663,36 Ft
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Experience more with our most versatile outdoor activity shelter. The HUB’s unique design means it can be used as a gazebo or tent. Add up to three annexes so you can sleep 6 people under one roof. Wherever you’re going and whoever you’re with – the Dometic HUB has you covered. Whether you’re away for the afternoon or a weekend, make your home anywhere.


Innately social by design, the Dometic HUB is the new centre of your outdoor life. Whether relaxing at the beach, off-roading with friends or requiring quick and convenient shelter in the garden or park – the HUB has you covered. So come together to share the experience.

Gear up for the outdoors

Immerse yourself in nature and grab the chance to spend quality time with friends and family. Dometic outdoor accessories ensure you're kept comfortable, your devices are always fully charged and your supplies stay cold. Ready when you are – just grab and go.
Dometic PLB40
Dometic PLB40
Hordozható lítium akkumulátor, 40 Ah
Dometic CFX3 35
Dometic CFX3 35
Hordozható kompresszoros hűtőláda, 36 l

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