Silent Cool

Dometic Fan Coil AP
Tempered Water Fan Coil 9,200 BTU

This compact and ductable air-conditioner is quick and easy to install. Featuring high-velocity, rotatable blowers for effective air distribution, as well as a silent, ten speed fan. The composite positive flow drain pan has two discharge points to guard against water damage.
  • Powerful ten speed fan
  • Kompakt
  • Easy to install and maintain
Removable and washable filter

This high quality removable and washable filter will provide years of protection to the air handler water coil

No Rust Drain Pan

The positive flow condensate drain pan promotes the discharge of moisture from two discharge points and reduces the risk of moisture damage

Plug and Play Connectors

This handy feature allows electrical connections to be made by non-specialized labor

Dometic Fan Coil AP
...and more
    • Cool air with a ten speed fan and 9,200 BTU of power.
    • Compact design is deal for installtion in tight spaces
    • Easy maintenance with nearly all components internally accessible
    • Ventilator based or three-way water valve temperature control
    • Can be used with simple mechanical controls or advanced digital thermostats
    • The blower's dual inlet reduces noise
    • Optional three-way valve and electric heater

Compact cooler with power and convenience

The fan-coil AP5 contains a powerful yet quiet, ten speed fan. The fan can also be rotated and positioned easily by adjusting a single screw. Its compact size makes it ideal for installation in tight spaces. Equipped with a composite drain pan with two discharge points for rapid removal of condensate water. On request, it is possible to install an additional stainless steel drip tray.

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Modell Fan Coil AP 
Termékleírás Tempered Water Fan Coil 9,200 BTU