Dometic MasterFlush 8541

Macerator toilet with bidet and slow close plastic seat, 12 V

For an elegant look and easy, convenient cleaning, the Dometic MasterFlush 8541 toilets feature a full-china, smooth-contour, elongated bowl with sleek, modern styling. The standard-height, slow-close seat and wraparound lid provide luxurious residential comfort. The high-performance macerator pump ensures reliably thorough flushing while also operating 30 % more efficiently than other macerator heads.
Cikksz.: 9600006452
Macerator Toilets
Seat Height
Flush Method
Elektromos fali kapcsoló
Seat Type
Műanyag bidé
Rough In Dimensions
17.5 Inch Minimum

Bidet seat

Featuring the brand new bidet seat. Bidet seats offer several advantages over toilet paper. Bidets can reduce toilet paper consumption by 75%, in addition to improving comfort, cleanliness and hygiene.
Bidet seat

Köré záródó fedél

Easy to Clean
Easy to Clean

Smooth-contour bowl

Nagy teljesítményű
Nagy teljesítményű

Darálós öblítési technológia

Dometic MasterFlush 8541
...és még több
    • 12 V ceramic toilet
    • Standard-height toilet with residential-size bowl and elongated seat for premium comfort
    • Smooth-contour bowl simplifies cleaning
    • Quieter, shorter flush duration than other macerator toilets
    • Powerful macerating flush
    • Bidet slow-close seat provides extra sanitation and convenience
    • 30 % more efficient than previous Dometic macerator toilets

Premium style and maximum convenience

A first in the industry, the Dometic MasterFlush 8500 series toilet has an all-ceramic bowl that is elongated and tall to provide the luxurious comfort and feel of a residential toilet. The attractive smooth contour simplifies cleaning and improves hygiene. While its powerful macerating flush not only ensures a thorough cleaning of the bowl, it is also quieter, shorter and more efficient than other models of macerator toilet.

Műszaki adatok

SKU-szám 9600006452 
Modell 8541 
Címkén szereplő modell 8541 
Termékleírás Macerator toilet with bidet and slow close plastic seat, 12 V 
Méretek ‒ termék mélysége 558.80 mm
Méretek ‒ termék magassága 482.60 mm
Méretek ‒ termék szélessége 374.65 mm
Nettó tömeg 28.35 kg
Bemeneti feszültség (egyenáram) 12 V
Szín White 
EAN-13 0713814269715 
Méretek ‒ csomag mélysége 596.9 mm
Méretek ‒ csomag magassága 546.1 mm
Méretek ‒ csomag szélessége 393.7 mm
Csomag tömege 30.51 kg