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Dometic Secures Variable Chiller Contract With Sirena Yachts

Turkish yacht manufacturer Sirena Yachts have chosen to install Dometic Variable Capacity Chiller (VARCX) series throughout their new 88’ superyacht range, allowing for improved on-board climate control and power efficiency. 

Leading yacht manufacturer in the Mediterranean, Sirena Yachts, has chosen Dometic to enhance its onboard environments and climate control by introducing the innovative Variable Capacity Chiller (VARCX) units to their new Sirena 88’ model range.  

Sirena Yachts are installing a variety of VARCX dual stage variable chillers models, from the VARCX72 to the VARCX120, with each unit uniquely suited to the various on-board requirements of the new Sirena 88’. 

Easy to install and ideal for aftermarket fitting, the VARCX series features up to 120,000 BTU capacity and adapts to match the exact demand for cooling and heating, allowing larger vessels and superyacht owners to benefit from the chiller’s superior efficiency, saving in both energy consumption and cost of running.  

Working in conjunction with its Turkish Dealer, Eltesan, Dometic began installation of the VARCX units at the end of 2019. Dometic VARCX units will be used in new Sirena 88 models. 



Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine comments: “We are proud to supply the VARCX system to Sirena Yachts, helping to further improve the already meticulously designed on-board experience through advanced climate controls.  

This contract allows Dometic to further secure its position within the luxury marine market and continue to expand our focus on end-user, experience enhancing products.” 



Sirena Yachts specializes in delivering superyacht solutions, comfort, and quality in smaller size vessels, whilst finding the balance between form and function.  

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