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Intervac Vacuum

Powerful compact vacuum cleaners

Intervac Vacuum
Designed for easy and convenient cleaning of motorhomes, cars and boats. The patented Intervac Vacuum can be fitted into walls, closets, storage compartments or under seats. Compact size, powerful suction!
PV & CV series

Aspirapolvere a umido e a secco

PV & CV series
Vani portaoggetti, garage, bagagliai o portascope. È un apparecchio maneggevole da utilizzare ovunque voi siate, in viaggio o a casa.

  • Aspirapolvere maneggevole a batteria per uso mobile o domestico
  • Massima libertà di movimento grazie alla batteria ricaricabile a 12 V
  • Con 400 mm di colonna d’acqua, aspira sia la polvere che i liquidi
  • Può essere ricaricato a 12 e 230 volt
  • Vaschetta di raccolta della polvere e filtro in stoffa facili da pulire

  • Sacchetti di ricambio
  • 5 sacchetti inclusi
  • Eliminate la polvere dalla vostra casa mobile

  • Le dimensioni compatte consentono l’installazione nei pochi vani disponibili, risparmiando spazio prezioso
  • Abbastanza potente da eliminare lo sporco ostinato da qualsiasi nicchia
  • Pratico e indispensabile, a un prezzo ragionevole
  • L’accensione e lo spegnimento automatici, al collegamento e scollegamento del tubo, contribuiscono al risparmio di spazio
  • Il tubo lungo (12 m) e le due bocchette permettono di raggiungere sporco e polvere praticamente ovunque
  • Le dimensioni compatte dell’unità di aspirazione contribuiscono al risparmio di spazio
  • Accessoriabile con Dometic VacPort, una valvola di aspirazione per sporco e polvere raccolti con la scopa

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Utilizing an Ideal Vacuum Cleaner - Cleaning Boats and Recreational Vehicles

The Dometic Group is a well-known business that manufactures high-quality vacuum cleaners , and if you own a recreational vehicle or a boat, you can select a vacuum cleaner that features numerous attachments, energy-efficient components, a compact base that could improve mobility, a warranty and a system that may enhance airflow. In addition we offer versatile bags that feature microfiber, which may enhance durability and flexibility. Moreover, the devices have easy-to-use components that allow customers to clean crevices and corners, and certain products feature custom tools that can clean sizable rugs, dusty surfaces and old materials.

Examining the Benefits of the Vacuum Cleaners

Various studies have indicated that effective vacuum cleaners may significantly improve the quality of indoor air. The products could eliminate environmental toxins, reduce the accumulation of dust, prevent the growth of mold and diminish various types of odors. When an individual regularly uses an RV vacuum cleaner, the device could effectively mitigate symptoms that are related to asthma, and by removing dust and environmental toxins, the vacuum cleaner can decrease chronic inflammation that may affect the respiratory system.

Sometimes, dirt and grime could eventually damage the floor of a recreational vehicle, and if a customer owns a boat, the extra moisture may cause dirt to become embedded in small crevices. Our boat vacuum cleaner features multiple attachments that can reach dirt that is situated between small components, yet these compact attachments may swiftly dislodge mud and grime that could cause stains.

Understanding a Customer's Needs and Optimizing an Intervac Vacuum

When our experts created a specialized vacuum cleaner , our engineers designed lightweight components that are relatively small. Consequently, customers can easily carry the vacuum cleaner, and you may effectively store it in a small space. Our vacuum cleaner also includes a distinctive container that has numerous compartments. This versatile box can hold various attachments, small accessories and extra filters.

We created multiple inlets that may extract extra dirt, and we designed thick filters that could optimize the durability of other components. If you consistently utilize an RV vacuum cleaner, the effective inlets can remove environmental toxins, allergens and excessive dust.

The well-designed components will effectively augment airflow and loosen small bits of dirt that have become embedded in other materials. The extra inlets could also prevent the components from becoming clogged.

Examining Other Accessories That Can Improve the Satisfaction of Each Customer

Once you select a vacuum cleaner , you may buy compatible LEDs that will allow you to see dust and particles of dirt. Likewise, the LEDs can help an individual to examine small stains and tiny scratches. These LEDs will not use extra electricity, so the components may not affect a boat's or vehicle's battery. Additionally, the accessories feature easy-to-use kits that help customers to install the extra components.

Studying the Company's Reputation and Various Designs

The Dometic Group has received thousands of excellent reviews, and many testimonials have favorably described our state-of-the-art engineering, the durability of our devices, excellent customer service, useful attachments, valuable accessories and filters. The brand has existed since 1968, and currently, the well-known business sells products in more than 100 international markets.

Answering Questions and Helping Our Customers

When you want to buy a vacuum cleaner , you can examine various specifications, choose several accessories, view a description of our business and study relevant news. Our experts can also help you to find distributors who sell our high-quality products, and when you chat with an expert, we may make helpful recommendations, answer questions and describe the features of our warranty.