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Frigoriferi termoelettrici laboratori

Sistemi di refrigerazione termoelettrica, contenitori termici con temperatura fissa preimpostata in fabbrica e accessori su misura
Frigoriferi termoelettrici laboratori
TCX Professional

Frigoriferi caldo/freddo con protezione attiva della batteria

TCX Professional
  • Heating and cooling
  • Can be operated with direct current
  • Can be operated with alternating current
Raffreddamento fino a 27 °C in meno rispetto alla temperatura ambiente o riscaldamento fino a +65 °C: i frigoriferi portatili TCX offrono entrambe le funzioni! Questi frigoriferi leggeri con temperatura fissa pre-impostata in fabbrica assicurano un trasporto sicuro di campioni di laboratorio, sangue, organi e prodotti sensibili al calore. Il sistema di protezione attiva della batteria impedisce la scarica completa della batteria del veicolo.
Cooling Accessories

Attrezzature supplementari per frigo/freezer portatili

Appositamente progettati per massimizzare le prestazioni, questi accessori aggiungono un tocco in più ai frigo/freezer portatili Dometic. La gamma include: protezioni termiche isolanti che migliorano l’efficienza, kit di fissaggio al veicolo, slitte longitudinali e trasversali per un facile accesso e altre utili migliorie.

  • Meccanismo di rilascio rapido per una facile rimozione del frigorifero portatile
  • Inserite facilmente il frigorifero portatile in una posizione sicura
  • Non sono necessari strumenti aggiuntivi

  • Per assicurare il frigorifero portatile durante la marcia
  • Per un fissaggio sicuro del frigorifero portatile
  • Kit di fissaggio universale per CoolFreeze, da CF 16 a CF 50, da CDF 16 a CDF 46

  • Per assicurare il frigorifero portatile durante la marcia
  • Per un fissaggio sicuro del frigorifero portatile
  • Cinghie heavy duty
DT series

Personalizzate il vostro frigorifero portatile con moduli supplementari

Esistono innumerevoli possibilità di adattare i frigoriferi portatili Dometic alle richieste dei clienti. Ad esempio, l’app per smartphone (DTTC-20) è una funzione di sicurezza aggiuntiva. Consente di visualizzare facilmente e in qualsiasi momento la temperatura sullo smartphone. Inoltre i dati vengono archiviati su un server esterno, accessibile con un PIN personale per la documentazione.

  • Temperatura pre-impostata da +10 °C a +40 °C
  • Accurata preimpostazione di fabbrica
  • Pratico accessorio per frigoriferi portatili

  • Controllo automatico con funzione di riscaldamento, spegnimento e refrigerazione
  • Il riscaldatore supplementare aumenta rapidamente il calore e riduce l’usura dell’elemento Peltier
  • Per un funzionamento affidabile e sicuro a temperature esterne basse

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Get Informed Before Picking Your Next Thermoelectric Cooling Box

Ready to experience the future of refrigeration? Dometic thermoelectric cooling boxes leverage modern physics to keep food, lab materials and other goods tempered on the go. Able to maintain consistent temperatures without needing lots of space or power, our thermoelectric coolers offer cost-effective, portable options for efficient temperature control.

Thermoelectric coolers use solid-state thermoelectric heat pumps that can transfer heat energy with minimal moving parts. This unique feature lets them cool things down as well as warm them up — Few coolers are more versatile.

What Should You Look for in a Thermoelectric Cooler?

Thermoelectric cooler devices come in many forms. Although it can seem tricky to decide, there are a few core features that you need to seek out:

Your chosen device should have a wide range of operating temperatures — Dometic's advanced thermoelectric coolers are rated for their ability to cool and heat items relative to ambient temperatures, so they're suitable for various environments.

Power-saving circuitry is an essential aspect of any well-made cooler. By using smart controllers to minimize wasted energy, we've produced a thermoelectric cooler that lasts longer and ultimately costs less to operate.

Dynamic ventilation and wear-resistant fans help ensure that your cooler's contents stay at uniform temperatures. If you'd rather not worry about hot spots or uneven cooling, then it's wise to pick a self-ventilating cooler.

Choosing the Right Cooler for Any Job

Thanks to their unmatched versatility, our portable electric coolers are perfectly at home in a variety of situations. Whereas many alternatives can only operate under limited circumstances, Dometic thermoelectric technology gives you far more flexibility. For instance, you've probably already seen these coolers being used — even if you didn't recognize them — by caterers, food delivery workers, medical professionals and even lab technicians.

Why Might You Benefit From Getting a Better Portable Electric Cooler?

Dometic portable electric coolers let you control temperatures dependably no matter where your business trips or personal adventures happen to take you. Since the only thing they consume is electricity, operation and maintenance are effortless — Our leading models include ventilation fans, rugged circuits and other highly reliable, proven components.

Switching to a Dometic electric coolbox may be one of the smartest moves you ever make. If you thrive on productivity, then using a cooler that works as intended without needing to be adjusted or fine-tuned is a great way to enhance your workflows.

One of the most significant benefits of our electric coolboxes is that they're amazingly small. With minimal footprints, they can fit comfortably inside vehicles, cluttered delivery staging areas and storage spaces. Their small size makes them the ideal choice for getting more out of your workspace — even if your current organization scheme isn't quite as orderly as it ought to be.

Why Choose a Dometic Electric Coolbox?

Thermoelectric cooling and heating are nothing new, but recent technological advances have made these tools more effective than ever before. Dometic is a global leader in reliable cooling technology in more than 100 international markets — Our products shoulder tough loads in extreme industrial environments, brave nightmarish urban traffic alongside delivery drivers and support lab workers who depend on temperature consistency.