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Dometic to Revolutionize Food Delivery Industry with Groundbreaking Innovation

Stockholm, Sweden - January 11, 2021 - Dometic today announces an unconventional transportation box which can preserve the quality and temperature of restaurant food until it reaches the customer. The product, The Dometic Food Delivery Box, which is currently in development, will provide a better method of home delivery of prepared food and opens up business opportunities for restaurateurs and transport companies, allowing them to enter into the ever-growing food delivery business.

The trend to order food from restaurants has been growing steadily, boosted by both new digital services and more delivery options - but above all by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Between 2017 and 2020, sales for food deliveries have increased by 60 percent globally, and by 2024, the figures from 2017 are expected to have more than doubled. (Source Statista, September 2020)


Top restaurants in the world have been looking into this promising market but hesitating because there wasn’t a way to secure the bridge from the kitchen to the customer without severely compromising the quality of the food. Through market research, Dometic has confirmed this missing piece in the transport chain – and today the company announces its Dometic Food Delivery Box - a smart delivery box specially developed for transporting prepared food. 


“Imagine if meals could be delivered to homes with restaurant quality. It would be like you were sitting in the restaurant, enjoying the meal the way the chef wanted you to – but at home. This solution will satisfy restaurants, delivery companies and consumers. Dometic has expertise in temperature-sensitive solutions and we can deliver complete solutions that answer these needs,” says Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer and Group Head of Other Verticals at Dometic.   


The Dometic Food Delivery Box, which is mounted on mopeds and motorcycles, has both heating and cooling elements that keep the food warm or cold and maintain the restaurant quality of the dish under transportation until it reaches the consumer. It is also able to keep cold products cold with separate compartments and dedicated temperature zones. The box also has electrostatic air purification (ionization) which keeps the atmosphere inside clean and protects food from the odors of previous deliveries.


Dometic Food Delivery Box’s connectivity features enable the operator to monitor that the correct food temperature is kept and that the food has not been tampered with during the ride.


The first step in this project is for Dometic to collaborate with leading off-road electric motorbike manufacturer, CAKE. The Dometic Food Delivery Box will be equipped with CAKEs electric utility scooter ÖSA, known for its efficiency in cargo capacity, urban agility, and a powerful battery.


“Our collaboration is driven by our mutual ambition to create quality products that satisfy the customer and the need for new means of efficient and clean transportation solutions. This product is a wonderful example of combining our expertise, peak technologies, and dedication to providing expert solutions,” says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO & founder at CAKE.


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