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9000 Awning Series

A statement of elegance and solid dependability

  • Awning
The Dometic 9000 series RV and Patio awnings are among the best awnings and awning fabrics offered in the market. Known for top performance and great looks, the 9000 series fits virtually every RV. Fade-resistant colours of pattern bring beauty and durability to the awning
9200 Power Awning

Enjoy shade on demand

Dometic 9200 Power Awnings offer simple operation and smart design. Durable and stylish vinyl fabric provides shaded comfort. The 9200 Power Awning features a newly-designed motor, which at the flip of a switch, allows convenient operation.
9500 Power Awning

Heavy-duty reliability

Relax in shade with the 9500 Patio Case Awning, a convenient alternative to traditional patio awnings. This premium, lateral arm awning requires no vertical supports, giving an unobstructed view from the patio.

Complete your RV Slide-Out

The Slidetopper shields your slide-out from leaves, animals and rain. Its durable metal case protects against damage from sharp objects or protruding tree limbs. For cleaner more comfortable mobile living.
Oasis Door Awning

Sheltered from start to finish

The Oasis Door Awning extends at the push of the button, sheltering you from the elements while entering or exiting your vehicle.
Elite Window Awning

Boost your indoor comfort

The Elite Window Awning shields your RV window from sunlight and natural debris. Enhance your comfort by keeping the sun out of your eyes and lowering the internal temperature of you RV.
Deluxe Window Awning

Stay cool indoors

The Deluxe Window Awning conveniently shades your RV window from the sun and natural debris. Enjoy cool comfort in the area near the window.
8500 Manual Awning

Great weather protection from universal fit awning

Combining good looks with durability, the 8500 manual awning effectively provides protection from sun. Made from heavy-duty, polyester-reinforced vinyl fabric, it has an attractive linen fade pattern on both sides. With straight fittings, this awning is designed to fit most vehicles.
8300 Sunchaser Awning

Attractive awning at an attractive price

Strong and effective, the Sunchaser series awning provides effective protection from the sun. Made from heavy-duty, polyester-reinforced vinyl fabric, it is guaranteed to last. Not only is it practical but it also looks good, featuring attractive patterns available in multiple colours. The Sunchaser is a top quality awning at an affordable price.
9100 Power Awning

Open and close with just the push of a button

Providing the utmost in style and convenience, the 9100 Power Awnings can be extended and retracted at the flip of a switch. This awning can come with double sided vinyl or acrylic fabric, as well as an optional metal weathershield. For installation, awning arms and power switch must be purchased separately.
Revo Zip

Quick and easy shade for all vehicles

Revo Zip
Dometic Revo Zip awnings offer a smart solution to conventional RV awnings. Quick to set up and take down, they are suitable for use on caravans, motorhomes, panel vans, 4x4 offroad SUVs – or even at home to give shade on the patio. Those looking for more than just sunshade can easily upgrade their Revo Zip awning with the matching Revo Zip Privacy Room.
PerfectWall PW 3800

The strongest wall awning the market has ever seen

PerfectWall PW 3800
With the new PerfectWall PW 3800 Dometic launches the strongest ‭wall awning the market has ever seen. Robust retractable arms with ‭double steel ropes and an extra-strong anchorage lend excellent ‭stability to the construction. As a result, the PW 3800 is a high performer ‭without the integrated support legs despite its ample size.
PerfectWall PW 1500


PerfectWall PW 1500
全長1.5 m~6.0 mのPerfectWall 1500オーニングは、現在市場に出回っているほとんどのRVに対応しています。自動ツイストフロントレールにより、オーニングが簡単で静かにスライドし、伸縮式クランクによる手動操作が可能です。すべてモーターで機能する全自動モデルもあります。
  • 1人でも簡単に設営可能
  • 大型車用オーニングのなかでも最軽量級
  • 特許取得済みのEasy Lock Flipperの付いた支柱でテントを支持
  • 耐久性の高いUVカット加工を施した強化ビニル
  • 伸縮式クランク
  • 100%アルミ製の端末カバーの付いた優れた品質
PerfectWall PW 1100

The next generation RV awning

PerfectWall PW 1100
With patented features designed to ensure an easy setup, the cutting-edge PerfectWall PW 1100 represents the future of RV awnings. Conveniently operated by one person, its stunning new S-shaped housing hides screws from view and guarantees to draw admiring glances.
PerfectRoof PR 4500

Practical and convenient self-supporting roof awning

PerfectRoof PR 4500
Strong and practical, the PerfectRoof 4500 series contains self-supporting awnings operated by the touch of a button. These cleverly designed awnings require no supporting legs; instead a strong patented arm joint holds the awning securely in place, allowing all the space beneath it to be used unhindered by upward supports.
PerfectRoof PR 2500

Light and robust high-quality roof awning for long vehicles

PerfectRoof PR 2500
For vehicle lengths of 4.50 m and beyond there’s no lighter and more compact roof awning around than the PerfectRoof 2500 awning. Its roof-mounted housing does not affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics, and the end caps made of 100 % aluminium make the awning extra-resistant to shock and impact. Patented locks on the front rail ensure perfect closing as well as additional safety while driving.
PerfectRoof PR 2000

Great quality roof-mount awning at a great price

PerfectRoof PR 2000
Its compact dimensions and light weight make the PerfectRoof 2000 series a perfect roof-mount solution for panel vans, smaller motorhomes and caravans. It even leaves room on the roof for other accessories such as solar panels. Moreover, it comes at a price that puts everything else in the shade, and it still provides the all-important Dometic quality features like seamless awning cloth.


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オーニングを購入する際は、車両に合った適切なサイズのオーニングを選ぶことが大切です。間違ったサイズを購入すると、適切に設置できず、新しいオーニングが窓やドアを遮ってしまう事になりかねません。オーニングの適切な購入サイズを簡単に知るには、古いオーニングのサイズを測るとよいでしょう。  初めてオーニングを購入する場合は、覆いたいエリアを測ってみてください。キャンピングカーの全長にわたる大型のオーニングは珍しく、旅行中にトラブルが発生しがちです。Dometicは、手動オーニングや電動オーニング、1.50mから6.0mの長さを取り揃え、あらゆるニーズにカスタムメイドでお応えします。



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