New HiPro minibars

Pioneering the hotel industry. Again.

The world's best minibars

Premium can’t be measured. It’s all about the first impression, elegant design and the silence that your guests appreciate. What can be measured is efficiency. With improved cooling performance and up to 40% lower power consumption, it’s clear to see why the HiPro range is considered the world’s best minibar.

Premium guest experience

The state-of-the-art design of Dometic HiPro will help you create a premium in-room feeling. With sleek design, elegant illumination and crystal clear doors, invite your guests to treat themselves to something special.

Get to know the new Dometic HiPro

A well-stocked minibar is an expected and appreciated hotel room feature for well-traveled hotel guests. Advanced design and innovative features found with the all-new HiPro minibars include:

  • Calibrating menu illumination (Evolution)
  • Adjustable shelve positions to fit different kinds of bottles with different heights
  • Shelves removal at 90° door opening angle; maximum door opening
    angle 120°
  • Door racks fits 1.5L bottles
  • Aluminum handle (Evolution)
  • Unique, modern design with full glass door option
  • Transparent door racks

Sustainability checking in

Sustainability means doing more with less. It’s a philosophy we put into action with outstanding energy efficiency and the first chromate free minibar range on the market. A sustainable minibar is a smart minibar. The all new HiPro range delivers more powerful cooling with up to 40% less energy consumption, making a visible difference OPEX for hotel owners.

HiPro Evolutionシリーズ

持続可能性の高いミニバーはスマートなミニバーです。これが新しいHiPro Evolutionシリーズです。正確な温度制御、世界クラスの効率性、優れたミニバー冷却能力を誇るプレミアムなDometic HiProシリーズは、クロメートフリーのアブソープション技術を駆使し、皆さまのホテルにクリーンで持続可能な未来を実現します。
Dometic HiPro Evolution A30S
Dometic HiPro Evolution A30S
Dometic HiPro Evolution A30S
Dometic HiPro Evolution A30S

Improved cooling power

Deliver first sip satisfaction every time. Dometic HiPro delivers improved cooling accuracy with updated and optimized functionality. With fast room turn around in mind, the Dometic HiPro has been engineered for rapid drink chilling performance without ever over-cooling.

HiPro Alphaシリーズ

皆さまのビジネス経験を基に開発された新しいHiPro Alphaシリーズは、すべての客室に合う効率的な冷蔵庫です。50年を超える経験と800万台以上を設置するDometicは、快適さと利便性を提供すると世界屈指のホテル経営者の皆様より、大きな信頼をお寄せいただいています。

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