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How to choose the best cooler


The ideal portable cooler varies from person to person. This guide sets out important considerations to have in mind, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your individual needs and preferences.

  • Cooling technologies – what’s available?
  • Cooling and freezing in hot climates
  • What size should your cooler be?
  • Which energy sources do you want to use?
  • Avoid a flat vehicle battery
  • Are you concerned about noise from your cooler?
  • Will you travel for long or short periods of time?
  • Coolers for use away from the vehicle
  • Is it possible to cool “passively” without the need for power?
  • Do you want to pre-select a target temperature?
  • Cold drinks for the driver
  • Easy to clean features
  • Refrigerate and freeze simultaneously
  • Is there a cooler that can heat too?
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Cooling technologies – what’s available?

There are three types of cooling technology: absorption, compressor and thermoelectric cooling. Each technology has its own particular advantages that recommend them for certain conditions. The key features of each are:

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Types of Cooling technologies


  • ガス冷却で、オフグリッドな旅ができます
  • 静音設計
  • 冷却性能は、環境温度に依存します
  • 便利な3ウェイ電源オプション:12 V DC, 230 V AC でガス操作


  • 少ない購入コスト
  • 軽量
  • 傾いたポジションでもうまく機能します 
  • 一般的には環境温度に大きく左右されますが、Dometicのサーモエレクトリックモデルには、他に類を見ない冷却力があります!
  • 12/24 V DC, 230 V AC で動作可能


  • 厳しい環境温度でも優れた冷却性能を発揮
  • 強力冷却で、冷蔵・冷凍保存が可能
  • 省電力
  • 傾いたポジションでもうまく機能します 
  • ソーラー駆動にも対応
  • 一体型のバッテリー保護
  • 12/24 V DC, 110 – 230 V AC で動作可能

Cooling and freezing in hot climates

It is important to consider the type of climate you’ll be in, while using your portable cooler. 

Thermoelectric and absorption coolers will cool between 18–30 °C below the ambient temperature. Clearly, this may not be adequate if you are travelling in a region where temperatures reach 30 °C or more.

And so in hot regions, we recommend using a compressor cooler. As shown in the table below, the cooling performance is so powerful that it can deep-freeze in even the hottest ambient temperatures:

Cooling technology

Outside temperature

Internal temperature achieved


40 °C

22 °C to 10 °C (depending on model)


40 °C

20 °C to 10 °C (depending on model)


40 °C

Preset temperature within range: 10 °C down to –22 °C (depending on model)

Dometic RV キャンピングカー サイクリング オーニング クーラー Day6 0695, 明るい, MTB, 山, バイク, マウンテンバイク, 自転車, キャンピングカー, RV, 崖, 海辺, 海, 湖, 湖畔

What size should your cooler be?

Firstly, consider the amount of storage space available in your vehicle. Next, the number of people who will be dependent on the cooler. Also consider, how long you intend to enjoy complete independence from the shops – perhaps you intend to travel to remote areas? Finally, larger coolers require more energy to run – is the added drain on resources worthwhile? We provide sizes to suit all circumstances.

The range of capacities according to cooling technology are:

Absorption: 31 l – 40 l
Thermoelectric: 8 l – 37 l  
Compressor: 10.5 l – 88 l
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Which energy sources do you want to use?

The standard energy sources for Dometic portable coolers are:

Energy source


Absorption technology

12 V / 230 V / Gas

Thermoelectric technology

12 V / 24 V / 230 V

Compressor technology

12 V / 24 V / 110 V – 230 V


Absorption coolers stand out for their convenience as they run on AC, DC and, when used outside the vehicle, gas power too! Whereas, compressor coolers are ideal for solar power due to their low energy consumption. Solar is a cheap and clean option.

View flexibly powered absorption coolers >
View compressor coolers suitable for solar power >

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吸収式クーラーは、電気だけでなくガスでも作動するため、車両のバッテリーを保護する明確なソリューションとなります。サーモエレクトリック ユニットには、低電圧時に自動的に電源を遮断してバッテリーを保護する低電圧モニターが搭載されている機種があります。 

また、効率も重要です。主電源で動作するクーラーは、その効率性を評価することが法律で定められています。当社は、コンプレッサークーラーの新しい効率基準を設定しました – CFXシリーズは、A++評価を達成した最初のクーラーです。また、当社のサーモエレクトリッククーラーは、最高でA+++の評価を常に獲得しています。吸収式クーラーは、主にガスで使用されるため、エネルギー表示の義務はありません。

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Are you concerned about noise from your cooler?

Depending on where your fridge will be placed and how sensitive you are to noise, the operating noise of a fridge may be important. Noise levels depend on the cooling technology used in the cooler:

Absorption – absolutely silent
Compressor – occasional, quiet running
Thermoelectric – continuous fan noise

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長期間の旅行では、食品寿命を延ばすディープフリーズ機能が便利です。コンプレッサー クーラーは、–22 °Cまで凍らせることができます。



コンプレッサー ポータブルクーラーを見る>
サーモエレクトリック ポータブル クーラーを見る>

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Is it possible to cool “passively” without the need for power?

Our “roto-molded” non-powered cooling boxes boast superior insulation and durability thanks to their thick construction. This allows ice to be kept for 3–7 days depending on usage and ambient temperatures! Impressive stuff.

View non-powered cooling boxes >
Passive Cool box Fishing

Do you want to pre-select a target temperature?

Only compressor coolers allow an exact, pre-set temperature to be achieved. Some models of thermoelectric and absorption coolers allow you to vary the level of cooling power used, but a specific, target temperature cannot be chosen.

View compressor coolers with pre-set temperature control >
CFX100 detail

Cold drinks for the driver

Long drives can be thirsty work and, on such occasions, you’ll appreciate having a portable cooler within easy reach of the driver’s seat! Some models of portable cooler fit neatly between the front seats while others can be firmly strapped into a passenger seat using the seatbelt.

View ideal coolers for use while driving >
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Easy to clean features

If hygiene is a priority for you and your family, then a cooler that is convenient to clean is a big plus. Look out for features such as a plug to drain away melted ice and removable parts such as baskets or dividers.

View portable coolers designed for easy cleaning >
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Refrigerate and freeze simultaneously

Certain models of compressor cooler have two independent cooling zones. This means that one zone can be used to refrigerate and, at the same time, the second zone for freezing. A highly convenient feature that saves you having to buy (and store) two cooling units.

View compressor coolers with two cooling zones >
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Is there a cooler that can heat too?

Some of our coolers can keep their contents warm, as well as cool. Although not designed for heating food from chilled, by placing a hot pie in a unit that heats up to 65 °C, it can be enjoyed warm later that day! View portable coolers with heating function >
Dometic RV キャンピングカー サイクリング オーニング クーラー Day6 0695, 明るい, MTB, 山, バイク, マウンテンバイク, 自転車, キャンピングカー, RV, 崖, 海辺, 海, 湖, 湖畔