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밀크 쿨러

밀크 쿨러
MF series

즐겨 마시는 커피 음료를 위한 신선한 우유

MF series
냉장 전문업체인 도메틱은 모든 종류의 냉장 요구를 해결합니다. 편리한 탁상용 장치부터 세련된 미니 냉장고까지 이 밀크 쿨러는 가정이나 사무실의 개인용 커피 메이커에 더하거나 카페와 레스토랑의 전문가용으로 사용하기에 알맞은 최고의 제품입니다. 카푸치노든 라테 마키아토든 맛있는 커피에는 신선한 우유가 필요합니다.
  • 간편하게 운반할 수 있는 콤팩트한 디자인
  • 모던한 디자인의 커피 머신과 조화를 이루는 깔끔하고 현대적인 디자인
  • 주위 온도보다 최대 22°C 낮게 냉각
  • 셀프 프라임 펌프와 카푸치노 노즐을 갖춘 커피 머신과 사용하기에 이상적임
  • 100~240V용 열전 냉각기
  • 1°C로 온도 제한

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Milk Fridges & Milk Cooling Systems

Dometic is a premier online source of domestic milk fridges and commercial milk cooling systems. As domestic and commercial refrigeration specialists, we distribute mini milk cooling systems to households, offices, and leading cafés and restaurants. Our milk fridges maintain optimum milk storage temperatures for the benefit of commercial food safety compliance. All our milk coolers are also low maintenance and easy to sanitize after use.

Commercial Milk Fridges for Cafés & Coffee Houses

Dometic milk coolers are designed to cater to the needs of chilled catering and food service professionals. Many of our milk cooling machines are portable. All are also suitable for self-service and counter placement by contemporary espresso machines. All Dometic milk cooling systems, therefore, increase barista productivity, convenience, and all-important over-the-counter beverage sales.

Milk Coolers for Professional Caterers

Commercial milk dispensers are perfect for café counter placement and front of house self-service. However, Dometic milk cooling machines also cater directly to busy catering professionals.

Convenient and hygienic access to chilled milk is essential in restaurant kitchens and pâtissier preparation areas. Dometic milk fridges recognize this need. Specifically, by designing milk coolers which maintain a high degree of food safety and convenience, while leaving kitchen clutter to a minimum.

What to Consider when Choosing a Milk Cooler

All Dometic milk fridges feature elegant designs which blend harmoniously with café coffee machines and contemporary kitchen appliances.

When choosing a milk cooling system, food and beverage business owners need to think predominantly about milk cooler capacity. Available in 5-liter, 1-liter, and 0.5-liter storage capacities, Dometic mini milk tanker systems cater directly to different size food and beverage operations. Our portable milk fridges are also explicitly designed in mind of mobile catering operations and special/pop-up event catering.

Domestic Milk Coolers

Dometic milk fridges and milk cooling systems are predominantly used in busy commercial catering environments. However, 0.5-liter milk coolers also make fantastic additions to contemporary domestic kitchens. Especially prized by coffee lovers and young children, a countertop milk fridge provides easy, on-demand access to chilled milk for the whole family. Dometic milk cooling systems are also easy to clean and energy efficient.

Office & Work Cafeteria Milk Cooling Machines

As well as being ideal for home and restaurant use, coffee machine milk coolers make convenient additions to office break areas. Being more energy efficient than a domestic fridge, milk coolers allow offices to cut costs. Self-service milk fridges also cut queues in hectic school and workplace cafeterias.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean

All Dometic milk fridges are low maintenance and easy to regularly sanitize as part of your domestic, or end of day commercial cleaning routine. All that users need to remember when using any milk cooling system, is never to top up old milk with new milk. Self-service milk dispensers should be allowed to run dry, before being sanitized and replenished accordingly.