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Sink Fittings

Find taps and siphons to match your stainless steel sink

Sink Fittings
Complete the look of your beautiful stainless steel sink with taps and siphons to match. We have a wide range to please all tastes, from high-quality brass taps and lightweight plastic models, all with a sparkling chrome finish. Plus, easy-to-fit siphons for every imaginable plumbing layout – with straight, angled or double waste fittings.

  • 편리한 단일 레버 작동
  • 경량 플라스틱 재질
  • 멋진 외양의 반짝이는 크롬 마무리
  • 최고 수압: 1.5bar

  • 효과적인 흐름
  • 앵글형 배수용 피팅
  • 도메틱 싱크대에 안성맞춤

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