Dometic DCU 27
Compact Unit, 220V / 50HZ - 27,000 BTUs

The Dometic DCU 18 Multi-Ton Air Conditioning Compact series of self-contained marine air conditioners offers 18,000 and 27,000, and 30,000 BTU/hr of reverse-cycle cooling and heating. These high-capacity units were engineered to harness and maximize the impressive performance of environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant. Used in the HVAC industry for more than 10 years, R-410A is proven and reliable, complies with all EPA standards, and is accepted worldwide.
  • 효율적
  • 환경 친화적
    R-410A 냉매
  • High-velocity blower
    Rotation options
상품 코드: 9108917673 고객지원 페이지 방문
Dometic DCU 27
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    • Compact design reduces unit size by up to 25% of the original Vector Rotary's size
    • High-velocity (HV) fully-insulated blowers are rotatable
    • Engineered to maximize the performance of R-410A, an environmentally safe refrigerant
    • Unique compressor and reversing valve mounting reduces vibration
    • Electrical box is installed within unit footprint on 18K and 27K models; remotely mounted for 30K models
    • Condenser coil's cupronickel-encased copper condenser coil provides maximum heat transfer and high resistance to corrosion
    • 27K and 30K models available in 3-phase power on a special order basis

High Capacity Air Conditioning in a compact package

All models offer direct expansion operation in a compact, low-profile unit, with a seawater-cooled condenser and choice of controls. Compact units are designed for installation under a settee or berth, in a locker or cabinet, or other convenient location. Compact systems feature high-velocity (HV) blowers. All blowers are insulated to prevent secondary condensation, and are fully rotatable for flexibility during installation. A stainless-steel chassis is standard on all Compact models. The 30,000 BTU/h model features dual evaporator coils and a single compressor on a single chassis. The dual high-velocity (HV) blowers can be ducted to two or more interior spaces.


SKU 번호 9108917673 
모델 DCU Control 
레이블의 모델 DCU27-2251-410A 
제품 설명 Compact Unit, 220V / 50HZ - 27,000 BTUs 
치수 제품 깊이 654.05 mm
치수 제품 높이 759.46 mm
치수 제품 너비 908.05 mm
순중량 54.43 kg
입력 전압(AC 220 V
입력 주파수 50 Hz
기동 전류 - 최대 60.00 A
필수 AC 회로 보호 최소 24.00 A
필수 AC 회로 보호 최대 40.00 A
냉매, 유형 R410A 
- Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 2088 
냉매량 652.04 g
이산화탄소 환산량 1,361 t
냉각 용량(ISO 5151) 27000 W
전류 소비량 최대 냉방 7.60 A
전류 소비량 최대 난방 11.00 A
짐 무게 58.97 kg