Dometic TWCX
Modular Titanium Chiller from 24000 BTU/h to 72000 BTU/h

Dometic TWCX with Digital Diagnostic Control (DDC)is a high-performance, cost effective tempering unit. The reverse-cycle TWCX cools and heats, and is available in an expanded product range of 24,000 (2-ton) to 72,000 (6-ton) BTU/h capacities. Units can be multiplexed for even larger capacities as required.
  • High performance
  • Reverse-cycle
  • Titanium
    Great durability
냉각 용량
입력 전압(AC
입력 주파수
상품 코드: 9108893826 고객지원 페이지 방문
Dometic TWCX
...및 기타 등등
    • Cooling Capacity: 72 000 BTU/H
    • With DDC - Digital Diagnostic Control
    • Titanium condenser resists erosion and corrosion
    • Reverse-cycle unit cools and heats
    • Can be multiplexed for larger capacity
    • Includes flow switch, high- and low pressure switches, and inlet and outlet circulated water temperature sensors
    • Compact, enclosed design. High-efficiency rotary or scroll compressors

Compact Enclosed Chillers With Titanium Durability

Dometic TWCX Titan compact modular chillers use titanium condensers to greatly increase durability and product lifespan. Titanium is unaffected by the punishing combination of saltwater, invasive marine life, and the harsh acids used for routine cleaning of the condenser coil. Titan service life is greatly extended compared to cupronickel systems–the industry standard–which inevitably suffer catastrophic failure from corrosion and erosion in the harsh marine environment. Each unit includes a chilled water (CW) flow switch, refrigerant high- and low-refrigerant pressure switches, and inlet and outlet CW temperature sensors. The TWCX does not include a chilled water modulating flow control, which means air handlers with or without flow controls can be used. On larger boats we always recommend using flow-controlled air handlers to ensure proper water distribution. A balancing flow control (BFC) is not needed when using TWC chillers.


SKU 번호 9108893826 
모델 Chiller Cond TWC Modular 
레이블의 모델 TWCX72 3853 DDC 410A 
제품 설명 Modular Titanium Chiller from 24000 BTU/h to 72000 BTU/h 
치수 제품 깊이 607.06 mm
치수 제품 높이 594.36 mm
치수 제품 너비 337.82 mm
순중량 83.92 kg
입력 전압(AC 380 V
입력 주파수 50 Hz
기동 전류 - 최대 100.00 A
필수 AC 회로 보호 최소 24.00 A
필수 AC 회로 보호 최대 42.00 A
냉매, 유형 R410A 
- Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 2088 
냉매량 964 g
이산화탄소 환산량 2,013 t
냉각 용량(ISO 5151) 21101.12 W
전류 소비량 최소 냉방 10.10 A
전류 소비량 최대 냉방 10.10 A
전류 소비량 최소 난방 13.30 A
전류 소비량 최대 난방 13.30 A
치수 구획 깊이 641.35 mm
치수 구획 높이 889 mm
치수 구획 너비 762 mm
짐 무게 129.28 kg