Dometic DX P800 PMA1000
Water Pump, 230V 50/60 Hz 500 GPH - 8.5 GPM

This pump boasts an exclusive marine-grade base that is capable of withstanding harsh marine conditions. An efficient motor saves power while ensuring a top performance.
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Dometic DX P800 PMA1000
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    • Magnetic-drive impeller means no seal to wear, leak, or repair
    • Efficient motor with low power consumption
    • Exclusive marine-grade base can handle harsh marine conditions
    • Liquid-cooled (submersible)
    • All components in contact with water are plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel
    • 6 ft. (1.8 m) power cord is standard
    • No fittings

Ultra-durable centrifugal seawater pump

The Dometic Submersible Pump 230 V 50/60 500 GPH is an excellent choice for providing seawater circulation for Dometic conditioning systems: ensuring a top cooling performance. The proven magnetic drive eliminates the troublesome mechanical shaft seal. There is no seal wear, power-robbing friction, or leakage through the seal. The impeller and drive magnets are strong, permanent ceramic types, which prevent slippage. This ensures that full motor power is converted into pumping power. Centrifugal pumps require a flooded inlet and should be mounted below the waterline. Liquid-cooled motors can be run in open air or while submerged in water. Ensure your onboard comfort.


SKU 번호 9108516645 
모델 Pumps DX P800 PMA1000 
레이블의 모델 PUMP SBMRSBL 230V 50/60 500GPH 
제품 설명 Water Pump, 230V 50/60 Hz 500 GPH - 8.5 GPM 
치수 제품 깊이 312.42 mm
치수 제품 높이 170.18 mm
치수 제품 너비 312.42 mm
순중량 3.31 kg
입력 주파수 50/60 Hz
치수 구획 깊이 312.42 mm
치수 구획 높이 170.18 mm
치수 구획 너비 312.42 mm
짐 무게 3.9 kg