Dometic SMX Unit
SMX Unit

Specifically designed for the marine environment, the SMXir features a plastic housing, sealed membrane keypad, and electronics with anticorrosion coating.
  • Easy to use
    SMX control system
  • Fan-speed selection
    Climate control
  • Memory function
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Dometic SMX Unit
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    • SMX microprocessor control systems allow users to easily manage operational and safety features
    • Automatic or manual fan-speed selection
    • Memory function retains custom settings in the event of power loss
    • Automatic shutdown for low-pressure, high-pressure, and low-voltage faults
    • Inside temperature display

Advanced, microprocessor-based climate control

The SMXir Full Door Keypad/Display has an attractive, compact housing with easy surface-mount installation. A large, easy-to-read display shows cabin temperature, set point, programming prompts and fault code warnings. Small LEDs and backlit text indicate system status. Under a decorative hinged door is the familiar SMX 10-button arrangement with clearly labeled keys for single-keystroke operation. An optional infrared remote control is available that allows system adjustments with added convenience. The SMXir keypad/display can be used with either SMX II or SMX Net control systems. A complete system consists of a power/logic module (either SMX II or SMX Net), an SMXir keypad/display, CXP connecting cable and a TSEP temperature sensor. Additional components will be needed to network multiple SMX Net units, including: CNP network cables, one TSEP outside temperature sensor, and the optional SMXir Convenience Panel (the convenience panel kit includes a SMXir keypad/display connected to a SMXir Convenience Panel).


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