세계 최초 유일한 7성급 호텔이든 가족이 운영하는 비앤비이든, 관광 업계에서는 게스트를 위해 편리한 솔루션을 제공하는 당사를 신뢰하고 있습니다. 오늘날, 전 세계 수천 개의 호텔 및 기타 숙박 시설에서 당사가 공급한 수백만 대의 세련된 미니바, 편의 냉장고 및 금고 등을 발견하실 수 있습니다. 당사는 이를 매우 자랑스럽게 여깁니다.
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The number one choice

You will find more Dometic minibars and safes than any other make in first-class hotels across the world. Why? Know-how accumulated over 45 years, a track record of innovation as well as leading design solutions are the three main reasons.

Our modern and energy-efficient range of drawer minibars now includes the first ever A++ rated and noiseless miniBar (Dometic DM 20 drawer minibar).

The top of the line HiPro minibar comes with Fuzzy Logic, remote control temperature adjustment, lowest energy consumption for absorption minibars and unique features such as a self-diagnosis and cooling unit control system.

In addition to minibars, Dometic offers a range of premium hotel room safes with unique features, such as; laser cut door, white LED display, interior light, anti-tampering security, ingenious high security master-code system and industry leading audit trail.

At your service

A miniBar from Dometic never rests. Most of our minibars are silent-running and vibration-free (it has no moving parts), it caters discreetly to the needs of your guests - at any time of the day or night. It is also highly energy-efficient - reducing your operational expenses as well as environmental impact.

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Hotel Blinds

Dometic supplies custom hotel blinds, curtains and soft furnishings for hotels, able to work with specialist boutique, or large projects requiring survey and installation support. To our Hotel Blinds
Hotel Balcony

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